My Current Travel Favorites



scents inspired by places near + far

Work, life and everything in between has me packing a weekender, and sometimes a bird dog rather frequently these days.

Basics are a no brainer, and I'm currently obsessing over this not quite salmon, not quite pink sweater from M.I.H. Apart from tried and true Levi's, my go-to jeans have been Won Hundred for years. I finally ripped a big old hole in my favorite pair, in a very unfortunate, and not fixable spot. Ironically enough, this happened while traveling. Walking through an airport with a 3 inch hole under my booty wasn't my classiest moment, but I was thankful those jeans got me through as many trips as they did. You can then imagine my excitement when I went prowling for a new pair, and found almost the exact style in stock, because when you've found the perfect jeans in the perfect fit, you want to wear them forever.

Easy to pack fragrance is so important to have on hand. When I learned about Nomaterra, my wanderlusting spirit fell in love. The history behind the brand will tug at your heart strings, and give you a true appreciation for the attention to detail, and craftsmanship behind each fragrance. Inspired by scents from all over the country, with ingredients sourced from all over the world, I knew immediately these were going to be travel essentials. The roll-on perfume oil is perfect for tucking away in a bag, and of course TSA friendly. The fact that glass bottles are virtually unbreakable (their team climbed an 18 ft ladder and dropped the bottle as hard as they could, and the glass still didn't break) was a also hugely practical for me, given my penchant for clumsiness. 

Brooklyn Violet Leaf and Boston Tobacco Leaf are my current favorite, both masculine and earthy, with a crisp finish. A travel essential, for all you curious wanderers. 

Fragrance: c/o Nomaterra | Sweater: M.I.H Ones Sweater
Jeans: Won Hundred | Sneakers: Frye | Weekender: Everlane