You Must Be November


Hello November.

There's no sign of snow just yet, but Winter has slowly begun to settle in around here. As we're busy planning our Friendsgiving meal this Sunday and working on other projects and recipes, the holidays are seeming to creep up faster than usual this year. I really hate that too. I want this month to linger, but it's flying right on by as I try my best to make the most of it. My attention was diverted for a bit when I was asked to take some photos inspired by Free People's November catalog last week. I jumped at the opportunity to focus on shooting something beyond our kitchen. That being said, I think I found the most inspiration in our home and the things we're surrounded by every day. Looking around with fresh eyes reminded me of why I love taking pictures, and why I pour so much of myself into this. 

This is a small selection of some of my favorites. With a color palette in mind, I made a mental mood board of what November felt like to me and ran with it from there.
 The first photo of Daisy was a happy, beautiful accident. I studied our shelves and found books I didn't even remember having and trekked out into the woods to find the delicate time in between Fall and Winter alive and well. Although I think I spoke too soon, as I'm writing this it appears to be snowing outside.