a lakeside getaway

exploring the Cayuga Wine Trail 

Growing up in the Finger Lakes region has given me a deeply seeded appreciation for lake life. Every summer we make a point to find time to trek up here from Philly for as many weekends as we can spare, specifically for the much needed lake time. If you're more of an ocean person, I get it, but I must say...there is just something about the woods, water + wine combination that seems so necessary during these warm summer months.  

Being from the region, it wasn't until I left that I realized how much of a hidden gem these lakeside wine communities are. For those of us itching for a weekend of wine, beer or cider tasting who don't live close to Northern California or other notable wine regions, it's sort of a no brainer. The Finger Lakes are a haven for time that is guaranteed to be well spent outdoors, and as wine/beer/cider/all of the above people (we spent a big chunk of our honeymoon falling in love with the wine country of Northern California), there isn't much more you could ask for in such close proximity to the Tri-state + Philadelphia area. 

Read on to see our favorite wines, ciders, cabins + general lake loveliness. Stay tuned for our upcoming wine, cider & food pairings we'll be sharing with some of our favorites. 

wine time

a selection of our favorites


○2016 Gewurztraminer

○2013 Chardonnay

Long Point



○2016 Dry Rose

○2015 Seyval Blanc


Thirsty Owl





cabin goals at

Buttonwood grove


gluten-free toast craving satisfied at 

Busy Bee Market


Notable cider


 Finger Lakes Cider House

○Good Life Cider's Barrel Rye Dry Sparkling

○Good Life Cider's Workhouse Semi-dry

○Good Life Cider's Pommeau

○Redbyrd Orchard's Workman

○Kite & String Rosé, Sparkling Apple Grape Wine

 Thirsty Owl

○Fujac Cider



our exploration of the area was provided by the Cayuga Wine Trail | all words & opinions shared are my own