Mid Coast Maine

a peek at our weekend in Maine + beautiful stay at

the squire tarbox inn

Westport Island, ME


Maine has definitely become one of our places. We love it there so much, and always feel at home as soon as we arrive. Our trip up over the past holiday weekend was the most idyllic- see ya later, summer! I could have ever hoped for, and while a 6 and a half hour drive may have turned into an 11 hour drive, low and behold we finally arrived, and just in time for an amazing dinner at Salt Pine Social in Bath with our friends. It didn’t occur to us until just before we left that we had spent Labor Day of 2016 in Maine, documented in this travel post. While unintentional on our part, it’s such a great time to be up there. There’s something about the warm days and chilly nights that gets me feeling particularly poetic about this time of year, when you’re excited for fall but still hanging onto the last bits of warmth and glorious sunshine.

We hit the road incredibly early last Saturday, ready to get ourselves to Portland as swiftly as possible to start our weekend adventures. Our car trouble kicked in not long after driving through New York and into Connecticut, adding an unexpected layer of panic about how the weekend was going to pan out. Robert had just gotten home from a 2 week long photoshoot the day before, and it felt like a total slap in the face at our attempt for a weekend away together. Somehow the stars managed to align, as we gladly ditched our broken car at a nearby VW dealership to get fixed, piled our stuff into a loaner, and continued our trek north. I think the universe knew we really wanted to be in Maine that weekend. Our quick, but beautiful little trip was spent on Westport Island, and the surrounding area with my good friend Meredith, and her amazing boyfriend Kevin. Meredith has been doing a bunch of freelance work for the Squire Tarbox Inn and invited us up a while ago to check it out, and take some pictures during our stay. You might remember seeing Meredith from when I featured her on the Insight Series, coincidentally this same time last year!

Our stay at the Squire Tarbox was so, so lovely. As we stepped inside on Saturday evening, I instantly knew this place was going to feel magical. We got to our room after sunset, making our early morning view of the grounds from the little porch outside of our door an entirely welcome surprise. The details were impeccable, and our view from room 11 of the sweeping property and weeping willow tree was truly picturesque. We made friends with the adorable goats that live on the property, had fresh eggs from the free range chickens each morning, and took advantage of the overwhelmingly chill vibe that swept across the whole place. This Inn is the kind of place we love staying at while traveling. Somewhere special that feels warm, inviting, a little bit hidden, and thoughtful. I loved that the renovation didn’t take away from how charming the original architecture is, and how calm and cozy the interiors were.

On Sunday we took our time exploring the property, and didn’t pre-plan too much, knowing that my pregnancy has been a sort of take it day-by-day adventure thus far. Once on the road, we made sure to first pop into Treats in Wiscasset, where Robert and Meredith browsed the wine selection, and I tried to keep myself from ordering 3-7 pastries for our drive up to Rockland. Once in Rockland, we stopped at my favorite, obsession-worthy shop- Daughters, where the vintage children’s denim collection completely stole our hearts. We unsurprisingly left with a beautiful sweater for me by my newest sustainable brand crush- Cus Barcelona, and overalls for our little that’s on the way, that will of course be tucked away for a good long while yet. Lobster rolls were of course required, so we went to Luke’s at Tenants Harbor, not realizing it was the very last day they were open for the season. It was the first meal that I happily devoured, without coming up for air. We joked that it was the first time I was quiet for a full 5 minutes, and then I spent a long time after excitedly talking about how big the claw on my sandwich was. Dear pregnancy nausea, thank you for subsiding long enough for me to fully enjoy a glorious lobster roll. As our day was winding down, some pretty picturesque photo ops happened while we explored Marshall Point Light House, followed by some wine tasting at Oyster River Winegrowers before heading back to the Squire Tarbox Inn.

On Monday we leisurely made our way back to Portland. Robert had to be at the airport at 5 AM for a flight to LA on Tuesday morning (brutal), so we wanted to keep our day and evening pretty low-key. It was chilly and rainy, making a lunch of soup dumplings at Empire Chinese Kitchen particularly appealing. Dinner at Flood’s later in the evening was impeccable, and bittersweet, as we knew our time was winding down. We can never stay away from this beautiful place for too long, as we’re already planning what to do during our next visit.

See you again soon, Maine.


pictures of Robert + I were snapped by Meredith