Making an Entrance

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what’s black + white with leaves all over?

our new entryway wallpaper!


Just before we left our little house behind for a week to spend the 4th of July holiday with my family, we finished putting up the entryway wallpaper! As it turns out, I apparently have this thing with black and white wallpaper, and prints that feel a bit bold. After getting all excited and snapping some photos, Robert reminded me that we technically aren’t fully finished yet with this little nook. We’ll be adding black hardware to the door, but I just couldn’t wait to share these beautiful trees!

This Marimekko paper had been waiting patiently in our basement since the early stages of our renovation. It was an easy project to put on the back-burner, as we attended to some other lingering details after we moved in. You may remember the bunny wallpaper we have in the bathroom (it’s still available here), and while I truly can’t remember if it was originally my intention to choose two that are black and white, as soon as I saw these graphic trees, I knew it was the perfect detail for this entryway.

I’m not afraid of color by any means, (I actually thought about some really poppy palm paper here at one point) but I love that this stays in line with the very bright-white vibe of our kitchen, while adding a pop of contrast. It keeps this side of our house looking open, airy, and slightly larger than it actually is. One of the quirky details about our house is that we actually don’t have a front door. We have two side doors that mirror each other, the other of which we’re considering bumping to the front, and building a mud room (I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed that the stars align on that project!). Given that there isn’t much breathing room from this entrance to the kitchen, I’m swooning over the fact that the new eye candy is right in view with where we sit around the butcher block island.

If you’re thinking about having your own wallpaper moment, I cannot recommend it enough. I’m obviously a huge fan, and love how much personality it can add to a space. I’ve linked some other bold wallpaper ideas I stumbled across, and entryway ideas details below!