Guest Room Tour

from pink popcorn walls to chill vibes only

a peek at our guest room makeover


The very first project I tackled when we began renovating our house was this room. There was a thick layer of pink, popcorn textured paint that took me what felt like an entire year to remove properly. The room itself wasn’t in too terrible shape apart from the walls, but I struggled with how to maximize the space until recently.

I kept thinking in the back of my head, it probably won’t be a guest room for long, so what’s the point? When you live in a tiny two bedroom house, and are planning on expanding your family at some point, these are just practical things to consider. It finally got to me, when I realized the second bedroom had turned into this weird dumping ground for things we weren’t sure what to do with. I then made the concerted effort to give it the makeover it so needed, while being mindful that I should choose pieces that could work elsewhere in our home if they need to move. If we stay in this house for any length of time, I didn’t want to go above and beyond choosing pieces so specific to a guest room, that it couldn’t shift into a nursery if the time comes.

Overall, the room is pretty small. When we first moved in, a full size bed and vintage hutch took up most of the space. It did used to have a closet, but we ended up swapping that around for the kitchen, so that we could have a pantry. Essentially, we walled off the closet on the guest room side, and it in turn worked perfectly on the opposite side where the kitchen is (you can see all sorts of posts that document our messy renovation process here). Given that our house lacks built-in storage all around, the pantry has been a life saver.

Now that we’ve lived here for about a year and a half, I’ve learned some valuable lessons about how to pick the right pieces of furniture, and increase organization overall. I knew that a full size bed, while lovely for guests, was overtaking the room and making it feel incredibly claustrophobic.

The solution, and overall look of the room ended up falling into place as soon as I found this Convertible Daybed. It’s simple, super comfortable, and doesn’t take up too much space on its own. The best part? It converts into a queen size bed. While I’m not going to pretend that it’s exactly the same as a regular mattress, we’ve tested it out on friends staying over for the weekend, and the grand consensus is it’s actually very comfortable, and a far better alternative to sleeping on an air mattress.

Once the daybed was chosen, the other details quickly followed suit. I wasn’t planning on the warm toned, sort of gold moment that started happening in the room, it just happened naturally with what I was gravitating towards. The velvet club chair in the “book nook” as I’ve been calling it, is so comfortable and perfect for curling up in, and this storage ottoman is beautiful, but also functional. Perfect as a side table, I’ve also tucked away the daybed linens inside for when we have guests staying over.


The ash wood light fixture was one of the first things I chose for the house back during the early stages of renovating. It inevitably dictated the vibe of the room as I began pulling together the details, deciding on a dresser, and going back and forth on rugs. Slowly but surely I was feeling solid on how everything was co-mingling in the space, but had the toughest time finding the right piece for the wall above the bed. I’ve been so picky about what makes its way into our home these days, and while it’s easy to find a print quickly at HomeGoods or Target, I wanted to find a unique piece that fit the space, and could move to another part of our home at some point (if you’re looking to find a unique piece, accent, or wall hanging of some sort, I love browsing theRealReal for art). When I found the artist, and this beautifully framed lithograph from 1963, I knew it was the exact right fit. Once I hung it up, I took a step back and exclaimed “she’s finished!”.

I hope this room tour leaves you with some inspiration for your own space, and if something specific caught your eye, feel free to browse the links I’ve included below.

the book nook


Daybed, Rug + Ottoman c/o of our brand partner: All Modern


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