Coffee Table Curating

collection inspiration to adorn your space


It took me a minute to find my footing in the realm of curating and styling our home, while keeping it 100% cozy and livable. Our homes are constantly evolving alongside us, and I love that. I’ve always wanted to live in the place that feels warm and put together, without feeling like you can’t touch anything. There are numerous versions of different pockets in our tiny space that have been swapped, scrapped, and rearranged to the point of ridiculous. I find I need to sit with something for a while before I commit to it. I’ll move objects, books, or small furniture around, and let it settle for a week or two before I fully decide on its placement. Finding the right pieces, interesting books, and unique details are what help round out the individuality of the space, and is my favorite part when it comes to curating our home.

We’ve been slowly adjusting some things here and there as we get ready for the arrival of our first little one. There have been a couple of updates that felt necessary for a while, the biggest one being our coffee table. I’m obsessed with our previous coffee table, the Terrace Coffee Table from West Elm (I refused to part with it, so we’re storing it for the time being), but it always felt a bit too bulky in our small living room, particularly after we added the Burrow chaise attachment to our couch. I knew that our house was only going to feel continually more cramped as we introduced a baby, and everything that comes with them. Opting for a slightly smaller, round coffee table has already made the room feel so much more open. Beauty and function are always at the top of my list when I’m picking out a piece of furniture, and I’m also a huge fan of hidden storage. All of these elements are what led to us choosing this particular table, and I’m so happy we did.

I’ve been thrifting and collecting since I was a kid, and since I’m often doing the styling for photoshoots, I keep a lot of various objects on hand. My prop and general collection of vintage items, books, and various curiosities are often on rotation while I’m refreshing something like a coffee table. Over the past couple of years, I started spending more time deciding if certain thrifted or found objects should actually be coming into our home. Previously used or owned objects have a history attached to them, and if it doesn’t feel quite right, it probably isn’t the best piece to welcome into your space. I don’t let anything in that doesn’t feel like it wants to be there, I have to love it, and it has to feel like it belongs. If you find something you absolutely love, regardless of the style, then it’s meant to be yours.

Bringing the outside in, and adding elements of the natural world is also something I truly love. I’m always scavenging for driftwood or natural remnants while traveling that often end up making their way home with me. If an animal skull or antler isn’t quite your vibe, dried florals or seashells organized in a small vessel add an element of texture and color that feels seasonless and inviting. I also love mixing materials wherever I can. Natural wood with brass, ceramic with marble, there are so many ways to add pops of texture and visual interest without overdoing it. Beautiful coffee table books and quirky details, like this marble tic tac toe game add an interactive element that can be so fun and inviting. I got the idea for small coffee table games when I included one in last year’s Holiday Gift Guide. The wood puzzle featured was such a beautiful piece to display all on its own that I knew there must be more games worthy of showcasing.

Below I sourced some fun things that might help spruce up, transition the seasons, or add some life to your current, or future! coffee table situation.