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Does the month of September give you that same feeling you get around New Year’s? It definitely feels that way for me. Part of it has to do with big life changes happening around this time. Last fall was marked by huge transitions for us. It was over Labor Day weekend that we officially moved into our house the next day after I left my job to go freelance. It made the whole seasonal transition feel a bit more significant than usual. Shortly after all of that, we went on our annual Outer Banks vacation, a trip that we anxiously await every summer. It always feels like the official start of fall, as we say goodbye to the quiet beaches and trade our swimsuits for sweater weather.

It’s no surprise that the same time this year is marked by another significant transitional period. I'll begin my 200-Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training at my studio just as we come back from our beach trip, and while I don’t have the intention to teach (as of right this moment), the timing felt too right to ignore. I can't wait to expand my practice, and dive into a deeper understanding of something that has been overwhelmingly healing over the past year. 

Feeling the itch for cold weather doesn’t always begin with getting dressed, it usually starts with music. Since the temperature never quite aligns with my mood in time, I made a "Fall Feels" playlist on Spotify while hoping for the heatwave to break, convinced I could summon some cooler weather with some low-key brimming with the slow and moody vibe that my music shifts to this season, and I found myself breaking out my vinyl copy of Beth Orton's Central Reservation album and playing it on repeat in my home studio. That one is a longstanding favorite, and always feels like the right thing to play as it starts to cool off. 

Lately there will be a day or two of sweater weather, which prompted me to transition my garment rack to my cold weather essentials, meanwhile the high still lingers around 82° and humid, classic. Maine gave me the taste of fall that I was craving while I was visiting just before Labor Day. I happily threw on a grey sweatshirt, linen pants and sneakers for a breakfast date one morning with my girl Julie of Orchid Grey, and sighed to myself over how nice it felt to sit outside in the breeze, drinking a hot coffee, not at all worried about melting into a humid bowl of soup.

You might remember my post from May- All White Everything. It was a summer capsule of sorts, and I shocked myself by sticking to it for the most part. Keeping the palette super simple and pared down made getting dressed, even on the most humid days incredibly easy, and with that I knew I wanted to repeat a sort of color capsule for the following season. Since navy and grey are never in short supply in my wardrobe, I put together the navy, grey, and neutral essentials that will be easily mix and matchable as they carry me through the upcoming months. Staying true to my love of the classics, a couple of wide brim hats, an Italian striped vintage sweater, grey cashmere, a pair of detailed heels and classic ankle boots are a few of the staples that I’ll be embracing this new season with. Apart from garments, I excitedly swapped my Beach Walk fragrance over to something a little more earthy, Mineral Desert cologne (notes of orange leaves, oak, moss + musk) a delightfully unexpected discovery while browsing the ransacked Good Chemistry display at Target a few weeks back. I was so enamored with the scent that I also snagged the Silver Coast cologne to layer on top. Robert’s been stealing both.

I have a strongly held belief that you should feel just as excited about your underthings as your outer. Soft and comfortable base layers are a must as we transition into cozy mode, and my Third Love bras, and classic high waist undies have proven an essential base for everything from tees to sweaters. I am thoroughly obsessed with everything from Gap Body, particularly the Breathe High Waist, and pretty much everything from Skarlett Blue’s lounge line.

Even if you aren’t fully ready for the autumnal equinox, I have a feeling you’ve added a few things to your chilly weather wishlist. I’ve rounded up some closet inspiration below, staples that can carry your wardrobe through to winter, and make getting dressed a breeze. Here’s to embracing sweater weather.

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