sailing through summer skin


captain blankenship


As we unwind from a couple of weeks of non-stop travel, I've been hitting the reset button hard on my skin.

It's easy for me to get off track while I'm away, especially when it comes to sticking to my usual healthy routine. Things easily go by the wayside once travel is introduced, my yoga practice, my skincare rituals, making sure I'm getting enough sleep. Most of that slides to the back-burner, and thus I'm working on maintaining that routine regardless of where I am, but of course, these things are always easier said than done. Summer inevitably takes its toll on skin in more ways than one. Sleep and hydration are just as important as what I'm putting on my skin, and with an inconsistent routine, late nights, more than a few extra glasses of wine, I'm working to get back into balance before work + travel schedules inevitably get busy again. I still fight with hormonal breakouts occasionally, which are amplified when I'm not doing my due diligence in the self-care department. As much as I love being away, it's nice to get back in balance at home, with products that I know will work well getting my skin back to its best self.

My crush on Captain Blankenship started where many impulse purchases happen, Target. First it was the Sea Mist Refreshing Toner that caught my eye. I'm no stranger to Witch Hazel, and immediately wanted to give it a go. I was quickly obsessed, put the toner into my skincare rotation, and started looking into other products from the Sailor line for Target, and original Captain Blankenship. Later on when they sent some additional products for me to try, I could not wait to get started and see how they jived with my routine.

This women-run company has a tagline that stole my heart right away, "beauty wild with nature", and great packaging aside, the products smell amazing, are at an affordable price point, and are chock full of organic ingredients that will make your skin so happy (there's even an ingredient glossary on the website! pitter patter goes my heart!). I couldn't be happier with what I've tried thus far. My standout favorite is the Rose + Pomegranate Face Oil. It smells absolutely wonderful and leaves my skin feeling so soft. I love that these products are leaving my skin glowy enough to ditch my makeup, given the current heat and humidity that's making days below 85° feel positively dreamy. I've been going a little easier on my skin as I get back to neutral, and letting it breathe during these hot and humid days is key. I love using the Cosmic Freshening Spray, or Sea Mist Toner when I need a little pick me up, and the Gentle Resurfacing Mask that helps to get everything smoothed out, without drying out. If you're like me and take baths regardless of the season, Rusalka Bath Salts are the perfect addition to your restorative time in the tub. 

I've linked all of my favorites below! Here's to smooth sailing through summer skin.  

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