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It was already April of last year when we purchased our home.

I emphasized the word last in my head while I typed that, because I can't believe how quickly time has flown by since we started nesting in this space.  Since we didn't move in right away while we powered through the renovations, we got a slow stream of housewarming gifts of all kinds that were super thoughtful. It was those gifts, and my recent reflection on time flying, that inspired me to round up some housewarming + host gift ideas.

I really, really love giving gifts, and often think of bringing gifts to someone's home that are more useful, tactile and personal, as opposed to perishable. Flowers are such a beautiful gesture, but even better if brought in a vase that can be kept for many uses after. Vintage finds and handmade ceramics always feel extra fun to me, and I also have a penchant for putting a few small things together in a basket, or some sort of reusable bag that have a similar vibe. Back in the fall our friends Christen + Tim (who are now living the actual dream in New Zealand !!) did this. They brought us the sweetest array of things from the new Hearth + Hand line at Target, and it was so thoughtful. I remember so clearly so many other home related gifts we've been given over the years. A beautiful cheese knife set we've used no less than one hundred times, a delicate water pitcher, a really good bottle of Scotch, the list goes on and on. 

There are certain things that I have on good authority everyone loves having in their home, coffee table books, beautiful vases, nice candles. I took inspiration from things in our own home that I felt could add a thoughtful touch, for the next time you're feeling a little stuck on what to get. Full disclosure, there will be zero judging from me if you decide to gift any of these to yourself. The idea here is to warm the home, and whether that's your home, or someone else's, or both... is entirely up to you.




These hand woven house slippers are an actual dream. Since I'm working from home a lot of the time, I have a few pairs of "house shoes" on rotation, and these are a definite favorite. Handmade by SeaVibeDesign on Etsy, there are multiple style options for these beauties. 

3 Tassel Straw Slippers • 

• 2 Tassel Straw Slippers •

• Single Tassel Straw Slippers

• Plain Straw Slippers •




This classic, high quality cup + saucer set from Snowe is one I'm always excited to pull out for guests, but also just when I want my routine morning coffee to feel a little fancier. I fell in love and featured Snowe back in 2016, and have been recommending the brand ever since. Any of their home items are perfect for timeless, quality gifts. 

• Snowe Home Cups + Saucers Set •

• Snowe Home Drink Essentials Set •

• Snowe Home Whiskey Set •

• Snowe Home Espresso Cups + Saucers Set •





It doesn't get more classic than bringing someone a candle as a gift, and if you're anything like me you can't seem to leave Target or Home Goods without one, or three of them. 

I always love natural, woodsy scents. To me they work well all year round and are often a safe bet when you aren't sure of someones candle preferences. 

• Paddywax Amber + Smoke Candle •

• Babe Oud Candles •

• Malin + Goetz Sage Candle •

• Hearth + Hand Cedar Magnolia Candle •

• Wax + Wick Mountain Fig Candle •




This third eye smudge bowl was handmade by Adrianne George. I discovered her on Etsy and fell in love with her hand thrown ceramics. They have such life and personality to them! Clearing a new space is so important, and I love the thought of giving the gift of positive vibes for someone's home. 

She has two other smudge bowls in her shop currently, this Bronze + White Smudge Bowl, this Volcanic Blue Smudge Bowl + this Tenmoku Smudge Bowl.   




Confession: I may be a bit of a basket hoarder. But in my humble opinion, it's a good thing to be hoarding in a tiny house. They're functional, beautiful and an amazing way to keep clutter at bay. I love giving decorative baskets with one or two small gifts tucked inside.  

• Black + Natural Seagrass Calista Tote Basket •

• Natural Seagrass Basket •

• Banana Delilah Tote Basket •

• Natural + Rust Iringa Basket

• Cablelock Wool Basket




Okay, I may also be a vase hoarder... Fresh flowers are never in short supply at our house, and lately I've been gravitating to vases that have a little bit more going on. An interesting texture, shape or size.

That being said, I have a set of white ceramic vases from West Elm that are frequently on rotation, and fit in just about any decor scheme. This teeny bud vase from Crate + Barrel is also a fav. I listed some other beautiful vase finds below. 

• Half Dipped Stoneware Vase •

• 3 Piece Amici Vase Set •

• Honeycomb Studio Bud Vases •

• Ivory Speckled Stoneware Vase •

• Striped Ceramic Vases •

• 3 Piece White Porcelain Vase Set •



My lovely friend Maggie got us these glasses as part of a wedding gift, and we didn't find out until MONTHS after! Her card had separated from the gift in the bustle of wedding craziness, and I loved them so much, but felt awful using them until the moment I found out they were from her. In hindsight, I should have known straight away. She works at an incredible Mid-century modern store, and I'm still blaming my wedding brain for not putting 2 + 2 together. I see brass caddys out in the wild from time to time when I'm thrifting, and I always think about what an incredible gift they were. I rounded up a bunch of similar gems that seem 100% gift worthy. 

Wheat Tumbler Glasses with Brass Holder

• Gold Leaf Glasses with Brass Holder •

• Red + White Starburst Glasses with Brass Holder •

• Classic Spiral Brass Holder with Glasses •

• Lace Print Glasses with Wire + Wood Holder •

• 60s Scotty Dog Glasses + Caddy Holder

• Gold Sailboat Glasses with Brass Holder •




I'll try not to fan-girl too hard on Melissa Coleman, but there aren't enough 5 star reviews to communicate how great of a kitchen staple the Minimalist Kitchen is.

Super, super approachable (and of course, minimal) is the vibe here, and it's a book I recommend to anyone who is looking to find their groove in their own kitchen. Whether they're anxious about paring down kitchen tools, implementing and sticking to a weeknight meal plan, or want something that's inspiring and easy to follow, this is your book




Really I should be labeling this as multi-functional, because this striped Turkish towel is perfect for soooo many things. I've brought it along for traveling, used it as a beach towel, and most recently as a wrap for chillier nights. 


• Stripe Turkish Towel •

• Dark Grey Turkish Towel •

• Pestemal Striped Turkish Towel





Much like everyone else, I love a good coffee table book, but one focused on home details? Even better. The Finer Things is a gorgeous, detailed piece on its own before you even crack open the cover. I rounded up some other beautiful coffee table favorites below. 

• Allegra Hicks: An Eye for Design •

• Monochrome Home: Elegant Interiors in Black and White •

• Chanel: Collections + Creations •

• Living with Pattern: Color, Texture + Print at Home •

• Nancy Braithwaite: Simplicity •

• Black and White (and a Bit in Between):
Timeless Interiors, Dramatic Accents, and Stylish Collections