when your closet is ready for spring

but is spring ready for your closet?

classic silhouette is the name of the game for my

not a capsule, capsule wardrobe 


Do you live somewhere that's been experiencing this sort of freakish early spring weather? It's got me all excited for the start of the season, when I know full well we're still due for an ice storm or two. Don't worry, I knocked on wood when I said that ...

So, four years ago I posted this: "In My Closet: the Staples". It still garners a little bit of traffic, surprising given that at the time I was mostly talking about food, and felt super awkward working on something that was more OOTD oriented. I wanted to dip my toe into branching out, and challenging myself in this space, and do still find myself going back to it from time to time, mainly because I can't remember how I ever trained my hair to stay that straight and tidy looking at that length (although I was asking to have it cut like straight hair back then... my how we change throughout our twenties, am I right?) but also because my basics haven't strayed too far from where they were four years ago.  

Working at a fast fashion bohemian brand for five years skewed my closet 9 million directions over the course of my time there. From ages 22-27 your taste changes A LOT, and while the more California easy breezy vibe stuck with me for one half of a minute, followed by seasonal trends when it felt like it, peppered all over with a few maxi dresses and harem pants that will never see the light of day again, my core basics remained the same. I finally agree that yes, that is what your twenties are for- style exploration, odd decisions, maybe a few embarrassing outfit combinations, set to the tune of finding your personal style. 

In finding my personal style, I wasn't always great at dressing for my body type, especially since it took me a long time to be okay with the word "curvy". I used to shudder at being called curvy, because I just didn't feel like that's how I looked, or maybe even wanted to look. Now that I am fully accepting of being a reeeelatively classic hourglass, and know what I feel best in / what flatters me the most, I just feel better about my clothing decisions all around. I've never found it easier to say no to something, even if I loved the way it looked on someone else, or how it looked hanging. I love that I can never go wrong with a classic vintage silhouette. It's my absolute favorite, and by far the most flattering.


Then what's all this about a non-capsule capsule? I'm calling it that because I've tried the strict capsule wardrobe experiment twice, and failed. Which is why I don't want to call what I'm doing for spring a capsule per sé. I want to be able to branch out if I'm feeling stuck, because inevitably that's going to happen. What I've down is more of a paring down, and only wearing things that I love, and feel great in. Changing my closet up for this has felt very exciting, particularly because I just did a big ole purge of things I don't wear or don't flatter me. One huge reason why a "capsule wardrobe" of sorts is easier now more than ever for me, is that the whole top of our house is basically a giant closet, half of it cedar (woohoo! thanks previous owner!), but... there's no easy way to get there. One of the smaller projects that's been on the back burner is fixing the stairs, if you could even call them that, that lead up to the second floor. They're truly a 1940's after thought / death trap. Back when the house was built, you can see that someone haphazardly engineered a few square, step-like looking things that you have to hold your breath and say a prayer when you make your way up them. Going down? Ha, good luck with that. I've mastered this sort of frog like maneuver to get up and down them quickly, it's not cute. 

My beloved garment rack has been displaying my staples in our bedroom since I got it a few months back. It's nice to not have to venture upstairs when I know I'm probably good with what's right here in front of me. So what's right in front of me for spring? White, stripes, heavy on the dresses, sleeveless blouses, a gingham trouser thrown in for good measure. What color palette am I obsessed with? If you couldn't tell.. anything in the burnt red family. Before the start of a new season is my favorite time to thrift for some new-to-me wardrobe staples, and this year I hit the jackpot with some vintage Liz Claiborne (sooooo good!), old school Talbots, and that gorgeous burnt reddish pink blazer you see pictured.

Here's to wishing for an early spring, and hoping you find some springy inspiration from this round up of my current favorites. 


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