getting squeaky clean in 2018

a home cleaning product review

featuring my green clean crush: the Laundress


Happy Wednesday! and please excuse me while I fan-girl just a little bit over my current green clean crush, the Laundress.

My love of the Laundress products started as many of them do, the packaging. As you can see, these bottles are gorgeous, and I do have a very real thing for simple, beautiful packaging. Beyond the packaging though, is a very high quality product. Going green in general has been on our minds for ages, and especially now that we have our own home. We've slowly transitioned in a lot of ways, and had already made the switch to more green-focused products when I discovered the Laundress. Once I saw the myriad of home cleaning + garment washing options, my heart actually went pitter patter. From the delicates wash and stain solution, to the bleach alternative and double duty dish detergent, I was hooked immediately. 

Since my early twenties I've been very, very picky about how I wash my clothes. When I lived in Brooklyn and laundry had to be done elsewhere, I opted to not spend my weekends waiting in the laundromat and decided to "spring for" for the absolute cheapest wash + fold I could find within walking distance. Alex and I would hoof it to this teensy laundromat that seemed a lot closer on the map, until we were walking there awkwardly with pounds and pounds of laundry in the heat of summer.  I remember getting my clothes back and nit picking everything from them being shrunk from over-drying, to starting to rip, to smelling synthetic. I had zero room to complain for the way my clothes came back to me, but I am pretty sure that's what triggered my underlying laundry OCD, and I started hand washing a lot of my garments in the sink. Even after relocating to Philly, where I got a massive laundry upgrade, AKA a tiny stacked washer and dryer unit, I was still being very finicky about how I handled my clothes.

Since I've shifted my focus to- less is more with my wardrobe for a while now, I want to make sure I'm taking the best care possible of my higher quality pieces. the soap component of that is so important.


When you're trying your very best to take care of your clothes, you want to trust the detergents you're using, but maybe more importantly- you want to know how to use them properly. Even though I have a grown up, modern washer and dryer, I still had some hesitation about dropping certain things into the washing machine (even with all the micro-specific settings I can pick), until I saw the multitude of information on the Laundress site about how to handle and care for just about anything you can think of. When you read that "90% of items labeled “Dry Clean Only” are actually washable" it's hard not to get excited, and with specific information about how to care for everything from Viscose, to Leather Labeled Not Washable, it's an amazing resource to have access to. Simply put, I cannot recommend enough the "How-To" section of the website. Perks that I'm particularly obsessed with include the handy dandy stain guide that I featured below. 

Yes, I have spilled tomato sauce on cashmere, and silk, aaaand on my favorite white t-shirt. perhaps clumsy people like me should eat less tomato sauce... but in the meantime, while i continue to pour coffee on brand new white jeans, this stain guide is a lifesaver. 

Also, if you're a pet owner like us, another favorite resource I came across was this post on cleaning pet messes, because we want to try our very best to keep the place nice, even with a rambunctious and often muddy bird dog on the loose in our house. My cleaning game is definitely stepping up in 2018, and I'm so happy I discovered these products when I did. The Laundress offers 20% off your purchase when you sign up for their newsletter. Do it!


product pictured c/o the Laundress