Winter Packing

staples for a snowy wonderland

& cozy holiday layering inspiration


I get really excited about getting dressed in the fall and winter months, generally a lot more than when it’s warm out. I blame this on hailing from snowy upstate New York, where as a kid I waited at the bus stop for 5-6 months out of the year in temperatures that were none too friendly, usually in snow pants.

The bird dog and I are heading home on the earlier side this year, with Robert flying up later in the week. What’s on my packing list? Sweaters of course, a couple pops of red, a Sleepy Jones pajama top (that easily doubles as lounge and, why yes it is perfectly acceptable to leave the house in this!), my trusty grey beret, some party outfits, and this silk floral top that I just cannot get enough of. It’s been great for dressing up when I don’t want to officially, dress up. I’ll of course be bringing practical winter boots, and the staple shoe of my wardrobe, the Gucci Brixton loafers, travel with me regardless of location since I got them last year, and are fully worth the investment in my opinion. All tucked away into various Birdling bags, my current favorite being the garment tote (I included Birdling in the Better Happier Gift Guide, so many of their products make perfect gifts!).

I’ve taken to layering my White & Warren’s Cinched Waist Coatigan on top of a bodysuit, which is just the comfiest situation, while still looking put together. I think comfort is key when traveling home, as well as versatility. There will be lots of dressing up, lots and lots of dressing down, and most exciting of all, ice skating. One of the things I’m most looking forward is that we’ve managed to carve out time for our whole family to go ice skating downtown this year. Growing up I would go skating all winter long, and I love it so much still, but we often can’t fit it in when we’re home during the holiday craziness. This year we have, and I can. not. wait.

Whether you’re traveling near or far this December, I hope you stay warm, cozy & if your location allows it, find some time to throw on a pair of ice skates.


winter packing inspiration