Home for the Holidays

‘tis the season for

festive details + décor inspiration


It is officially that time of the year when I morph into a Christmas elf overnight.

Someone recently had an instagram poll posted on the first day that is snowed, saying something like “on a scale of enthusiastic how are you feeling about the first snow?” I said something along the lines of “Buddy the Elf What’s Your Favorite Color level of enthusiasm”, and that just about sums it up. I love the time spent with friends and family, finding the perfect gifts for Robert, but most importantly getting together to cook and entertain throughout the holiday season. This year, I’m so excited that I’ll finally be sharing my families Christmas Eve menu! An eclectic mix of dishes that showcase the Maltese-Sicilian American upbringing that very much informed so much of the food my mom makes for holidays.

Speaking of menus… to kick off this most festive time of the year, we had an absolute marathon of cooking last week, one that felt like a bit of a crazy undertaking halfway through. We went straight from cooking and celebrating Thanksgiving with Robert’s family, onto prepping for our own Friendsgiving for 17 guests that we hosted this past Saturday (recipes + post coming soon!). We’re always amazed at how many bodies we can fit in this tiny house, and after the guest list of 25 from last year’s gathering managed to fit somewhat comfortably, we’ve been feeling like there isn’t much this tiny house can’t handle in the way of entertaining.

I wasted no time moving into Christmas mode once Thanksgiving was behind us, and it’s looking like we may still become a two tree household. I haven’t decided officially whether or not my studio could use a small real tree, but I’m leaning towards 100% yes. We usually cut our own big, festive, fresh tree right after Thanksgiving, but thanks to an organic vouvant prop tree that I decided to absolutely fall in love with after a photoshoot, we have a faux one adorning our living room right now. My growing collection of white ornaments matched it perfectly, and made the whole house feel warmer, and brighter as soon as it was set up. As I continue to add and tweak the winter decorations around the house, I’m reminded of how much joy the little things bring this time of year. I’ve rounded up some decor inspiration below, and hope you find happiness in the little details, as you decorate for the holidays!