Weekend Morning Rituals

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a Better Happier Home story

slowing down our weekend morning coffee routine

with oxo brew


We’re finally back in the same city, same house, and on a somewhat similar routine for the next little while. Robert recently spent 10 days on a photoshoot that went from Honolulu to New Orleans, to the Florida panhandle and then onto Atlanta. He got home just in time for us to savor the last bit of that weekend together, taking time to slow down and get reacquainted with a slow weekend morning routine. If you’re anything like us, your weekend probably starts with coffee.

We’ve been making a point to take Sunday morning as slowly as possible. Since we tend to have schedules that go from manageable to chaotic at a moments notice, with one minute here, and the next off traveling, it ends up making our time spent together at home, particularly on the weekends, extra special and worth savoring. With that in mind, we’ve created a bit of a weekend morning coffee routine. We used to do French press and pour over on the weekends all the time, but had gotten away from it as of late. I wanted us to get back to elevating our coffee experience at home, which is why I was so excited at the opportunity to partner with OXO on this post, and try out a few things from their new line of accessible and beautifully crafted coffee products.

I’ve recently become much more interested in flavor profiles and coffee making processes, which is another reason I was beyond ready to give these new products my full attention. OXO’s Conical Burr Coffee Grinder, Adjustable Temperature Pour Over Kettle, and Glass Pour Over Set helped us to create the most perfectly delicious, and nuanced cup of coffee. I chose a bean on the easygoing side, with notes of citrus and dark chocolate. I was thoroughly obsessed with how it turned out, and was reminded instantly that taking the extra time to make pour over is wholeheartedly worth the flavor that comes across in that first sip.

The Conical Burr Coffee Grinder has 15 size settings, from fine for espresso to coarse for French press. If you aren’t familiar with what a burr grinder is, this is a judgement-free zone, as I only recently learned that it’s a burr conical grinder that will give your beans that uniform size you want, and much more control over the whole process. It’s considered to be the best way to go if you’re grinding for pour over or French press. OXO’s  Adjustable Temperature Pour-Over Kettle  simplifies the steps to your perfect cup, without sacrificing quality. The gooseneck spout is designed for maintaining control while you pour, while the built-in temperature control takes all the guess work out of the pour over process. Once you start pouring, the built-in timer begins, allowing you to know exactly how long to do the pour-over process for. Last but not least, the star of the show that delivered the coffee itself, the  Glass Pour-Over Set. I love how functional and sleek the design of the glass is, while the cork topper (for keeping your brew warm between refills!) keeps it looking hand-crafted and simple.

We can’t wait to keep using these products as we dive deeper into coffee exploration, keep our Sunday mornings slow, and really savor the ritual of it all. We’re curious, what’s your favorite way to brew your coffee?

this post was made in collaboration with OXO


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