small space diary: a Renovation Update

with just a couple of projects lingering, our renovation has gone absolutely swimmingly 

all 900 square feet of it


I recently wrote a renovation diary for Architectural Digest, about how we focused on maximizing as much space as possible in our tiny house during the renovation process. I then realized it had been a minute since we shared our current progress around these parts! If you've followed along, the last post specifically regarding our house was an excited update of being ahead of schedule. Now that we've somehow already been moved in for 5 months, we're so happy with the updates, and the increase in space and flexibility the renovation has given us. Small house victory, indeed!

Below I've shared a few of the before and afters (purposefully using the somewhat scary real estate photos for maximum impact) with some thoughts on why we chose what we did. 

the kitchen






I talked a lot about the kitchen part of the renovation in the AD article I wrote, but I can't emphasize enough how much more functional this kitchen is for us now. It's the smallest space we've ever worked in, but definitely the most organized, and best laid out. We're building our own butcher block countertop for the island (no we're not trying to make plywood counters a thing right now), a project that I'm excited to share the details of once we start the construction process shortly! 


the bathroom



The bunny bathroom is a pretty delightful corner of the house. When you want to add an element of quirk during a remodel, I highly recommend a fun wallpaper like this. 

Removing all the granny elements in this bathroom, and keeping it monochromatic has made it feel a lot bigger than it is. Many warned us against black floor tile, but we love it so much and haven't found the upkeep to be too insanely demanding. Granted, I do end up having to swiffer a little more often than if it was white, but it makes the room feel so dynamic that I think a little extra TLC is worth it. Robert's dream of a double vanity came to life, thanks to Ikea having a very slim option with ample storage space underneath. Again, this bathroom is the smallest we've ever shared, and by far the most functional. 

The bunny wallpaper is still available here !



my workspace




I don't think I would have felt one ounce of inspiration in this room, had we left it in this taupe salmon palette that still haunts me. Painting everything bright white makes it feel so airy, even on the cloudiest of days. Robert meticulously white washed the floors, using the same style and type of wood that was originally used in the house. Furniture choices were not only chose for the style, but for their size.

Safavieh furniture is a favorite of mine, and the wood + leather chairs are the first thing anyone ever asks about when they see the room. The chaise lounge was narrow enough to not make the space crowded, but provides the perfect amount of seating for when we're using the room to entertain. We have a few pieces from Target's Project 62 line and are super happy with the quality. This coffee table looks much more expensive than it is in real life. 



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the living room


The house is SO rectangular, especially in this front area, which tripped me up for the first little while. Choosing furniture started with the white leather bench underneath the window. The first thing I said when we started planning the changes, was that I really wanted something underneath the windows to make it feel like less of a dead space. The front windows of the house are in somewhat weird spots. While they look symmetrical from the outside, inside the placement felt super inhibiting for the living room. Once I put the bench in (still one of my absolute favorite finds!), the rest followed suit. If I had it my way we wouldn't have a TV at all, but the compromise was to get a swiveling stand so that it could remain flush when not in use. For me, that helped make it less of a focal point of the room, so you could focus on the coziness of the furniture. Although it's small, between the bench, the couch and the "scotch chair", there's plenty of seating when we have friends over, and allows for a great circular seating arrangement. 





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the bedroom


My actual, sanctuary goals. I couldn't get over how dingy this room felt every time we were in it. Layers of old wallpaper weren't helping anything, but the limited light was also a huge factor in contributing to its sad existence. All I can say is it is amazing what a bold paint can do. This room now feels so much bigger, more interesting to look at, and super cozy when it's time to go to sleep at night.





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