stripes + denim

                                                                                       *thrifted all of these gems    

                                                                                     *thrifted all of these gems    

Somehow Labor Day came and went in a flash, and with the unseasonably cool August we've been having, I already started transitioning to layers. If I had to pick a season where my closet spoke to me most, it's definitely fall, winter too. I've always attributed this to growing up in a cold climate, and actually loving it. 

As I was just packing for a trip home to upstate New York, amongst the bustle of our move and house renovation, and with a clothing situation that is less than organized (and that's putting it so very nicely), I clambered for stripes and denim. Fall is approaching so fast, and I realized my current round up of favorites is quite versatile in all its simplicity. Classic, yes. Boring? Not so much. 

I am a self described denim addict through and through. Jeans are always what I gravitate towards while I'm thrifting, during online sales, basically pretty much anytime I'm browsing for clothes, it inevitably starts, and usually ends with denim. If I had to pick a uniform and stick to it, it'd definitely be stripes or an oversized sweater, and a good pair of jeans.

I tend to hit the jackpot this time of year in thrift stores. Scouring the mens and boy's section for old Lee jeans, striped button downs, and big sweaters is usually the best bet, and I find I'm a lot less overwhelmed by the disorganization of most second hand stores if I have a plan before going in. For the stack of gems I found to the left, I had fall staples in mind. It's a lot easier to pick through the Hawaiian shirts and polyester pants when you have an end goal for the search. 


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