cozy nooks

finding the balance between old + new, amongst renovation chaos


Our house may still be 50% construction zone... but we are officially moved in! It doesn't seem completely real as there is still a lot left to do, but we couldn't be happier about finally being in one place, even if we don't quite have a bathroom yet. I spent a couple of weeks at home in upstate New York just as I was beginning to unpack the madness, so this was the first real week of setting up the parts of the house that are currently inhabitable. Since the time when we purchased our tiny house in April, the renovations have been astounding.  

I've found myself in, probably a very similar state to many first time home buyers.  I've been equal parts overwhelmed and excited, as I hunt for the perfect pieces for the new space. I've made it my mission to tirelessly hunt for things that cozify (I'm turning that into a word), and texturize a rather bare bones shoebox.  The weird part for me now, is that when we left our old place there wasn't exactly time for me to have some sort of restorative cleansing of the house and unnecessary stuff experience, or even consider referencing the Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Things were quickly thrown around by all sorts of people, into bins and boxes in a rush to get them into our storage unit, while we strategized our next move. Buying a house wasn't even on our radar yet. 

We finally went to our storage unit over Labor Day so we could move everything that had been haphazardly tucked away for a later unknown date, to our freshly organized basement. It almost feels like in an effort to start fresh in the new space I've wanted to just erase what we had before. Out of sight, out of mind. Once we got everything into the house I was reminded of things like my favorite framed art, and objects I had collected over the years as we went from one tiny space to the next. I couldn't wait to start putting these old objects in their new space. 

It's been an enlivening task to incorporate the old with the new. Even though we upgraded the size of our home only slightly, decorating and furnishing a house is very different than a small apartment, or small carriage house. I've gotten lots of questions about where some of housewares are from as I post the progress on Instagram, and thought this little round-up would be a nice place to start before we do the big reveal of the full renovation (let's just hope it's before 2020 amiright?). First things first, if you haven't checked out Target's new Project 62 line yet, it's not to be missed. I immediately fell in love with so many of the gorgeous and affordable pieces.

This is just a snippet since we aren't totally finished yet. The décor and finishing touches are feeling like a bit of a work in progress, but absolutely perfect and most importantly cozy for now. 

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