notes on a haircut

 how starting fresh allowed me to take way better care of the mop on my head


I'm here to tell you that as a woman it is in fact, completely liberating to cut your hair off. 

I've done about every possible thing one can to their hair. I shaved it all off during my "rebellious" teen years, grew it out, cut it into a pixie again, only to continue to grow it and cut it, all the while it would never reach too far past my collar bone, because that's always when it starts to turn into a real hot mess.

I talked a lot about my hair struggles here when I teamed up with Drybar to feature my favorite hair taming products (Velvet Hammer is still a magical unicorn of a hair tamer that I am eternally grateful for), and reading that post back to myself I remember clearly the internal struggle that I wrote about, going short feels amazing, but also comes with a lot of caveats if you decide to grow it out again, which inevitably you will. 

I've spent A LOT of time trying to manage, tame and trick my hair into doing things it naturally did not want to do. Because I was genetically blessed with two competing hair types, (it's coarse and thick, really curly underneath and has a section on top where it's pin straight, COOL!) I also spent a lot of energy trying to strike a balance between wavy and straight, and often it fell into a strange middle ground that was really neither here nor there, and it really stressed me out.

Since I've never had any interest in getting it chemically straightened or relaxed, fearing damage, I was honestly probably doing just as much damage as I tried to negotiate already coarse and dry hair with a constant rotation of high heat products.

I fully believe that we carry a lot of energy in our hair, and because this has been the year of big changes all around, I found myself thinking why not just top off this life sundae with a massive haircut cherry, and nix all this old energy so we can start fresh. So I did! and it felt absolutely amazing.

The takeaway? I can say with all honesty I have no short hair regrets. Now that it's at a length where I can let it do its own thing without having to apply every type of heat styler, I'm making sure it's as healthy as it possibly can be. Also, since I've been here before... I knew when I sat down in the chair that I'd have some interesting steps along the way should I decide to grow it out again.


If you're feeling like you might need a change, but you're too nervous to go through with it, I hate to sound like your mother here but it is just hair and yes, it will grow back.

But, having that knowledge wasn't even enough to inhibit the need I felt so overwhelmingly for a change, because there really is something entirely freeing about snipping off all that weight and hitting the refresh button. The fact of the matter remains that the freedom I've been feeling with short, healthy hair, far surpasses the struggle I faced with long damaged hair.  So think it over with a glass of wine. Maybe this is your season for a chop. 


products I'm loving right now to keep my hair healthy + hydrated 

 Shea Moisture Intensive Strengthening Masque     |      Fekkai brilliant glossing serum     |    Shea moisture peace rose oil conditioner