pocket doors!

+ new electric + bathroom demolition oh my

Real talk: I am totally okay with never cutting a tiny piece of sheet rock into an even tinier piece of sheet rock ever again. But alas, Robert and his dad just keep making holes all over the house and there I go filling them in. Free labor these days is so frustrating, amiright? Okay, kidding aside! We are actually making some truly amazing progress on this little house of ours. 

After completely redoing ALL of the electric and ductwork (boring but necessary elements to full house renovating) and other projects like changing doorway heights and extra demolition, things felt a little slower than we had originally anticipated but still incredibly, incredibly productive.

Widening the doorway from our bedroom into my studio, and subsequently installing brand spankin' new pocket doors was a big project, one that we were really excited about, and it's pretty much finished!  

Because I'd like to officially take on the role of tiny house renovation cheerleader, other things I'd like to give us a shout out for include: painting our dungeon of a basement bright white, which was a real game changer. The bathroom is 90% demolished, our walls are probably 80% of the way towards being painted and the kitchen installation is creeping towards the starting line. In other news, I got cold feet on the day I was supposed to start removing the hardwood floors in our bedroom (to repurpose later in a living room expansion we hope to do next spring). Since the studio floor was ugly and we got rid of it, we had planned to unify the studio and bedroom with a new floor, but I decided against it after realizing my love of the hardwood in the bedroom was just too serious to mess with. Also I picked out bunny wallpaper for the bathroom and it's the best thing ever.

All things considered, and without jinxing anything, I think we're still on track for an August/September/end of summer move in like we had hoped. 



pro tip: 

Take your childhood friends up on their offers to help work on the house! Once they've driven 6 hours to Philadelphia, and realize that painting the basement and smashing tile is on the docket they're basically stuck with you. KIDDING! These kids knew what monstrous activities we had in store for them. Sort of.