paint + progress

We're getting to the fun part of all this construction business, picking out paint! We had no shortage of help from our incredible friends this past weekend, which allowed us to tackle priming the entire house in one afternoon. Once all the walls were coated in a clean layer of primer, looking far less stale and dingy, I dove into painting swatches for the final colors.

We also hit the ground running on the kitchen cabinet assembly, which thus far (knock on wood) was much easier for Robert than he expected it would be. Our first real hiccup came once we had the pantry put together. Now, because our house is itty bitty, one of the things we decided to do early on to maximize the space, was to take the guest bedroom closet and flip it, so that it could be turned into a pantry (this probably sounds weird, let me explain- the guest bedroom backs up to the kitchen, so it was entirely perfect to just close the closet off on the bedroom side so the kitchen could get some more storage space. we put in an Ikea cabinet system that will essentially act as a built-in pantry). Robert got it assembled, and he and his father quickly realized that it was 1/8th of an inch too wide, and the measurements on the box didn't account for the feet that are added to the bottom. Whoops. All things considered, I'm ecstatic that this was our first real bump in the road. A lot has been done to this little house in a short amount of time, and all in all we've had some really smooth sailing.   

Painting everything breathed new life into the place. There were walls that had gone from what I can only imagine was originally white, to a sort of sad beige from years of neglect, not to mention the pepto-bismol popcorn walls that we sanded and covered, and the layers upon layers of old wallpaper we scraped. For the majority of the house we're keeping everything a bright, warm white with one accent wall in the bedroom. I've had a vision in my head for this wall ever since we bought the house. After browsing countless swatches, I realized the paint colors had a a whole lot more depth once they were sitting on the wall, than when they were sitting on swatch paper, and in turn my pre-conceived notions of what I thought I wanted did a 180. 

For the better part of the day, I was leaning towards the bigger swatch of green/blue/grey that you'll see below, and there were a lot of opinions floating around that made me question even being drawn to that particular color. I wanted that pop of color in the bedroom to feel calm, and it reminded me of sea water, perfect. Then, the more time I spent with it, I decided I really needed to paint the darkest one larger to get a better feel for how it would sit in the room. That was the game changer, and I realized that the darkest option felt best. It looked elegant and dramatic without being too overpowering, like I was worried about. I posted the four options on my Instagram story to see what others were gravitating to, and I wasn't surprised at the the feedback that leaned more towards the dark. Which is also sort of the scariest option, right? Dark felt really intimidating at first, I actually grabbed that particular shade last minute, thinking it would most likely be too dramatic, but I wanted a full range of options. I watched the light hit it at different points, and officially decided I was sold on it as we were cleaning up. I'd much rather take a risk with a bold paint now, as we can always change it later. 

Fleshing out these little details are making this all feel very real, very quickly.