beautiful basics

 with a bit more purpose


With the hours I've spent browsing clothing online or in stores, what it comes down to is it doesn't matter how many electric pink sweaters, or fuzzy slides I try on, I'm always gravitating towards quality basics. A flowery way of saying that despite trying all the wacky things, I end up buying the same white t-shirts over, and over, and over again.

Uniform essentials have a place in all of our closets, and while I don't really consider myself the typical uniform, capsule wardrobe candidate (I failed at the whole capsule wardrobe thing... twice...), they will always remain a huge factor in my style decisions. 

I can blame it on a number of things that have been in the forefront of my mind lately, but there's no doubt that my interest and desire to find women focused brands, sustainable/eco focused brands, and all around positive brands is heightening quickly. During one recent dive into this part of the fashion realm I discovered FashionABLE. The website had me at "beautiful products by women who have overcome". With a clearly stated message (I've included a more detailed excerpt from their website below) I felt immediately drawn to what the company had to offer. 

Beyond the message, the product holds its own. I was enamored with their basic tees, simple jewelry and leather goods as soon as I started browsing the site . As someone who beats their bags to death, leather quality is important. I'm traveling constantly as they carry camera gear, laptops, and all sorts of clutter. Whenever I see a "what's in her bag" post I imagine how much prep time I would need to get mine looking vaguely presentable. I'm drawn to sturdy leather, the more tactile the better, and the Sewunet Carryall has been a dream for me. The synthesis of basic, beautiful + functional was exactly what I needed. 


product featured:    ○Sewunet Carryall    ○Patricia Cropped Tee    ○Arch Necklace    ○Miriam Mule




The vision of FASHIONABLE is to make a new kind of fashion statement as a responsible consumer.  The FASHIONABLE mission is to create sustainable business so that the people are not dependents on charity but a vital part of a developing economy. When you buy a FASHIONABLE product you are ABLE to provide opportunities, and the women who make our products are ABLE to have a new choice. 

why Women? 

Through much study and understanding of the social sciences, those in the development world understand that giving a woman a job leads to a much stronger benefit to a family than when given to a man. We also understand that in the developing world the disparity between women and men’s wages are extreme, and in women’s ownership of land the disparity is even greater. FASHIONABLE’s focus on working with women comes from this understanding, and our own growth and education continues in us learning how to do this the best way possible. 

The question is often asked “how much money goes to the women?” This is a question that assumes we are a charitable model that gives either money or items away, like clothes or shoes. This is actually a stigma of social companies that we want to break. We believe that serious, long-term solutions to poverty lie in creating jobs, not in giving more away. Again, that is not what we do. We do trade with companies in Africa and our role is to hold those companies accountable to fair employment practices, and to help embolden those companies that are doing good work.