getting inspired

room by room


Living Room

A mix of old things and new, with an emphasis on TEXTURE! I'm so obsessed with mixing texture as of late. Making sure that something feels modern, but homey. Curated, but not to the point where you can't get comfortable. Of course, all of this could flop on its head once I start maneuvering around the space. But for now, this feels pretty on point. 



I've been completely overtaken by this modern jungle vibe (as I've decided to call it) inspired originally by the beautiful wood + woven bedframe that stole my heart. Mixing dark with light feels appropriate as I'm putting together the pieces of a serene sleeping envrionemt. 


Studio | Workspace 

The room with all the windows / the natural light paradise / the one that stole my heart, and sold me on the tiny house altogether. A functional but beautiful workspace is every creative person's dream, and planning it seems to be all about finding that balance between pretty and practical.