we made a mess!

the first stages of home renovations


A synopsis of our "demo day" from this past weekend. I'm excited to say that A LOT of sledgehammering happened! Our kitchen isn't really a kitchen anymore, more of a dilapidated pile of rubble with a great new view of the second bedroom.

Robert and his dad tackled the cabinet, countertop, appliance, weird upper shoddily built bump out above the cabinets, and half wall removal while I scraped wallpaper and ceiling paint. I love sharing these nitty gritty, not particularly photogenic details of what this process actually entails. Jeans covered in 30 year old guck from whatever (toxic I'm sure) build up was under that wallpaper and many layers of chipping paint. The piles of rubble, and Gucci channeling print on print wallpaper behind the cupboards. Now that some of the old is removed, it's getting easier to see past the neglected details of the space and picture what's soon to be replacing it all.

On with the renovations we go.