Open-Face Spring Sandwich Remix

This seems like the most visually refreshing, positive way to say hello back in this space after sharing my Caramelized Citrus Upside Down Cake, and upside down life stuff a few weeks ago.

Feeling the need to get back in the kitchen in whatever capacity we could, Robert and I decided to have some fun with these mix and match open-face sandwich combos, seasonally inspired just in time for what feels like true spring weather. Finally! I've decided it must be spring, because we've just spotted ramps at our local grocery store. You may already be aware we sort of have this ongoing thing with ramps (i.e. Breakfast Polenta with Wild Ramps, Wild Rice Bowl with Ramps,  Spatchcock Grilled Cornish Game Hen with Ramp HashFried Chicken Sandwich with Old Bay Aioli and Pickled Ramps) and what better excuse to showcase them than here, where you can swap them around any any way you like. 

With Easter right around the corner, this is such a fun solution for feeding a crowd DIY style. The endless possibilities of an open-face sandwich inspired our colorful take on the Danish Smørrebrød, and easily accommodates all sorts of food preferences, without all that much prep time. There's no recipe required as you navigate these open-faced beauties. I think we tried pretty much every possible combination and all were delicious. Choose your own adventure, mix and match as you see fit, you really can't go wrong here. 

*Note: for the gluten-free crowd, since everything here is GF apart from the bread options, sub a standard GF whole wheat bread, or whatever you have on hand. I used thicker whole wheat slices for mine and it was perfect. 



Pumpernickel, Country White, Seeded Rye



Avocado | Whipped Cream Cheese | Hummus with Olive Oil 



Hard Boiled Egg | Roasted Sweet Potatoes | Sliced Tomatoes | Capers | Sautéed Ramps | Spring Onions | Roasted Chickpeas | Smoked Salmon | London Broil | Red Onion




Dill | Chives | Za'atar

a few of our favorite combinations

Pumpernickel, Whipped Cream Cheese, London Broil, Ramps, Capers & Spring Onion

seeded rye, avocado, smoked salmon, tomato, chives

Seeded Rye, Hummus, Hard Boiled Egg, Spring Onion, Roasted Chickpeas, Dill

Country White, Avocado, Ramps, Hard Boiled Egg, Roasted Chickpeas, Za'atar