chill vibes only

some bedroom details 

+ the reason i'm finding it so difficult not to stay in bed all day


I had an incredibly specific vision when our house renovation moved into our bedroom.

Specific to the point that I could envision the paint color and our bedding color before I even started looking to see what was available. The first thing we noticed in this room was that it was definitely going to be darker no matter what time of day, with much more dramatic light than the rest of the house. I usually opt for white, surprising I'm sure, as I was the one who painstakingly looked over shades of white swatches that were arguably too similar to really see a huge difference. But I knew that bright white was not going to do this room any favors. I really wanted to exaggerate the sort of cozy, dark, sanctuary-like vibes that were already in the room, and knew a dark wall would accentuate that look and feel.


I pictured a very dark blue or green wall, which later after choosing the color, the man at the paint store would tell me was definitely black and I should look at it more closely when I got home (it's not). We settled on French Berét from Benjamin Moore, after I left a handful of swatches on the walls for weeks. Lots of opinions were flying around, but I knew from the start that a super dark accent wall in an already low-light room wasn't going to seem as crazy as it sounded.  The result was beyond gorgeous. Depending on the time of day, and quality of light, the color shifts from midnight, to charcoal black, always with a rich hint of navy blue in it.

When we were on our honeymoon we stayed at a few different air b&b's, and one of them had this incredible linen bedding. I don't think I'd slept on linen before and I remember thinking to myself, okay this is definitely going to be the route we go when we change our bedding. When the time came to start looking during our renovation, I poked around on Parachute's site and fell in love with what I saw. I could tell immediately the linen was dreamy, and exactly the right fit for this room. Super soft and natural in feel and look, this bedding has made it nearly impossible to get up in the morning.

Daisy can often be found snoozing mid-day in a bundle of linen, or burrowed completely underneath all the layers. It's safe to say we are smitten. Now for the nitty-gritty. As you can see, we have a bird dog that very much likes to snuggle up in all of our nice things. Care and washing has been vastly easier than I thought it would be. I'm always nervous with special fabrics that I'm going to somehow ruin them, but upkeep has truly been a breeze.  

the specifics

•pictured is the Linen Duvet Cover in Coal + the Linen Sheet Set in Fog

•single color Linen sets are also available •


bedding c/o Parachute