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It's crazy that we're just a week away from our annual Friendsgiving gathering, the first big get-together we're hosting in our tiny house. With all of that holiday prep, and some very chilly weather it's hard not to embrace this time of year, in particular the urge to just curl up and hibernate. I'm not sure what it is about daylight savings this time around, but we are already deeply embracing that hibernation mode.

Our home renovation finally made its way into the bedroom, a smidge behind schedule but that's to be expected when you've gutted an entire house. We were all beyond ready to stop posting up in the guest bedroom and move into our own, mostly because we were dying to see what it was like to finally sleep on our new mattress. Along with many other first-time-homeowner decisions, it felt like we had a big choice to make when it came to the whole- we're finally picking a grown-up bed! thing. I was honestly a little hesitant about Casper, because there is A LOT of hype everywhere you turn. In particular, if you're a podcast junkie like I am... you know exactly what I'm talking about. Well, I'm happy to report that the mattress lives up to all that podcast hype, human version and dog version alike. 

After our first night we both agreed it's the best sleep we've ever gotten, which is saying a lot when you have a restless bird dog in your bed that likes to reposition herself no less than 13 times a night. As much as she enjoys taking over the human bed, Daisy is definitely obsessed with her pup version. It seems to be her preferred daytime nap place, daytime being the operative word here. 

From the super quick unboxing to first blissful night of snoozing, the humans and bird dog are definitely going to be well rested for the remainder of our home renovation, and maybe even for the craziness of the holiday season that is quickly about to begin. If you feel like gifting yourself, or your family a reeeeeally good night's sleep, we have a promo code to share! 


use code: BetterHappier50 during checkout at Casper for $50 off your mattress purchase 

cheers to embracing your inner urge to hibernate this season + to catching up on those ZZZZZZ's

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human + dog mattresses c/o our friends at Casper

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