when your skin goes haywire...

there's an organic solution from Juice Beauty


Amidst our recent months, actually more like half a year, of chaos- with moving suddenly and living with my in-laws, renovating a house and working non-stop, it left us about zero time to breathe in between. Nothing new there.

Well right around that same time, just as my twenty seventh birthday sank into place, my skin went haywire. You know it's bad when even your mom asks unabashedly "what is going on with your face?". I spent years having blissfully blemish-free skin that I could sort of do whatever I wanted to without much consequence. I often changed up my products, and tried this or that without much thought of what was in it.

I would go from being strict about my skin routine one minute, to very blasé the next. A small hormonal break out was the biggest problem I ever dealt with. Enter serious life imbalance at age 27, with my skin following suit. It was after meeting and working with the lovely ladies from Skin Food Talk that I decided the organic route may not be such a bad idea, but I had yet to fully commit when my skin decided to carve its own tumultuous path. I was fighting blemishes with all sorts of quick fixes, rather than fulling reseting my skincare routine, or even having a strict routine at all for that matter. 

I found Juice Beauty's Blemish Clearing Solutions Kit and was immediately interested in what it claimed it could do for my skin. Part of the appeal to me was the reset of a routine, or lack thereof. More than 90 days later, I'm thoroughly impressed with how my skin reacted to the regimen. It still feels a little far from perfect, given it was off the rails for months before I really found a routine that worked, but I'm happier with it now than I've been in a very long time.


A big thing I had to keep reminding myself was that finding an external solution for my skin wasn't going to be magical fix-all if I wasn't taking care of other aspects of my body. I know if I'm not sleeping well, staying hydrated, or taking time to properly prioritize self-care, that my clear skin will fly out the window. Gone are the days of falling asleep with makeup on and waking up blissfully blemish free, but I think I'm finally okay with that. Being disciplined about getting the skin I want is well worth the attention to detail, and necessity for a new routine.  

the featured product is available here:  Juice Beauty's 90 Day Blemish Clearing Solutions Kit