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Have you been thinking a lot about quality over quantity recently? Maybe you're being a little pickier about which clothing brands you want to stand behind? I know, me too. I've felt myself gravitate less and less to fast-fashion as time goes on, because I know I can do better. As brands, often whether they like it or notare urged to be more and more transparent, and our own awareness rises as we learn how garments are actually produced, it's a hard thing to ignore, and all of it has been my mind for ages. 

It was magnified recently when I moved on from my role as a photographer in the fast fashion/e-commerce realm, with five years of firsthand experience under my belt. I not only physically left the job, but I left with a lot of questions on my mind about where I felt like I aligned in terms of quality, price point, and company message across the fashion industry as a whole.

I've learned time and time again that paying a higher price does not equal better quality. It makes it hard to spend money if you know the quality is most likely lacking. As extensive as my closet it, I mostly live in a handful of favorite pieces all year long (and yet I failed the capsule clothing experiment... twice... explain that one to me), and the quality of these garments I plan to wear for the longterm are rarely the quality that I expect them to be.

Working with and supporting women focused brands has become more and more important to me. So it's natural that when I came across Frances Austen I was immediately hooked as I read "We make clothes with forever in mind. Proudly woman owned and run" where do I sign up? My lovely friend Alex, a prop stylist in NYC and I took their silk cami + reversible v cashmere sweater for a spin to see what they were all about, and we were thrilled with the quality and versatility. I've been living in this cashmere grey sweater ever since I received it, and I'm not at all worried about the quality fading quickly. I'll gladly put my money towards these high quality pieces, with luxury fabrics that I know aren't going to fall apart the minute they get some real wear. 

Three cheers for this new kick-ass brand. You have my vote. 


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We make clothing with forever in mind.

We believe confident garments empower confident women. 
That’s why we make quality staples that are sexy, versatile and timeless. Made from 100% silk & cashmere, Frances Austen is livable luxury you won't be saying bye to anytime soon.

  • The lightbulb moment was years in the making. After a decade of witnessing first hand the overproduction of fast fashion that is not re-wearable, recyclable, or re-sellable, we decided to do something about it. We saw amazing qualities in luxury fabrics, silk & cashmere, and envisioned game-changing clothing that is 100% sexy on you, as well as the environment. Powered by a group of like-minded women, one great dude, and a big dream, Frances Austen came to be.

  • If you want to help the planet, it starts by re-wearing your clothes, and our aim at Frances Austen is to make that easier for you. All our pieces are made to last, versatile for every occasion and comprised of biodegradable materials, 100% silk and cashmere. Our cashmere yarn is spun in Italy by renowned cashmere producer, Carriagi, before it’s woven into garments in Scotland by Johnstons of Elgin.

  • Frances Austen clothing is made to last and designed to be as kick-ass as you are.


product pictured on Alex: The Cowl Neck Silk Cami
product pictured on me: the Reversible V Cashmere Sweater

c/o Frances Austen