Taming the Mane with Drybar


I have been actively attempting to deal with the hair that my grandmother so lovingly bestowed upon me since I was a small child. My mother blames it on our Maltese heritage, or more accurately blames it on the tricky combination I was stuck with.

We've come to the conclusion that being part Maltese definitely gave me (I want to emphasize me, because my sister has beautiful blonde, thick but not too thick smooth shiny hair that makes me want to cry) the coarseness, and when that's combined with the vast amount of hair I have, well, tears ensue more often than appropriate for a woman my age. 

If we take a step back, I believe it was just before a personalized "boy" haircut that I gave myself, much to the dismay of my mother as my pre-school pictures were just days away, that I decided my hair was too much for me. 

I went the pixie route for years and years, meaning that now having hair longer than chin length still feels a little new to me. Keeping it short made it easier to manage, but if you've ever had short hair you know that trade off involves constant upkeep and internal turmoil over whether you should just grow it out again. Also, you're always questioning hats and hair accessories and honestly it became more overwhelming than it was worth. I digress.

Never being able to quite achieve the manageability I was craving, I've now pretty much tried all the things. My favorite dealing with thick coarse hair remedy was probably the first time I did a coconut oil mask and couldn't actually get the coconut oil out. It got lost in my sea of locks and I swore the method off completely. My hair is a lot like a forest, especially on the under-layer (oh yes, there is an under-layer). A hair stylist once said it reminded her of when you're combing a dog and they have an extra coat of fur underneath, charming right?

A couple months ago I was in the checkout line at Sephora, which is where most of my impulse purchases happen, and I noticed a bottle of product from drybar. It wasn't something I thought I needed but the packaging caught my attention to the point that I read every word on the bottle. I got out of line, wandered over to the full section and saw the words "velvet hammer", and decided immediately that sounded just terrifying enough for my ongoing hair situation. You can imagine where this is going. It turned out to be an absolute god send on my crazy locks. Perfect for thick, coarse or curly hair, it made mine so much easier to work with, particularly in these humid Summer months when my frizz is on high alert.

Drybar sent me some other products to try out, and I've subsequently fallen head over heels for their mud hair mask, 100 proof treatment oil, and the handy travel blowdryer that will no doubt be a new on-the-go staple. Side note, although I have a feeling I will always be more keen on enhancing my natural texture, these products helped me with a blowout that I didn't get fed up with and quit halfway through, and for that, I am shocked and grateful.

Thanks drybar for keeping my locks manageable, sans frizz this Summer! 

product pictured: courtesy of drybar

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