escape to Montana

Last week, I returned to Philly from the beautiful landscape that is West Yellowstone, Montana, with a brief and just as lovely pit stop in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. 

I was asked to travel along as the photographer for Free People Escapes, a pretty amazing travel program they started doing somewhat recently. The beautiful and diverse group of women on the retreat got to spend their weekend focused on yoga led by the amazing Crystal Dawn, meditation, a DIY beauty workshop, and experiencing the vast Montana wilderness, and that doesn't even cover all of it. A lot was packed into those few days, making for one memorable trip. 

We stayed at Under Canvas, a charming and unique venue that's perfect if you want to have an outdoor experience, without sleeping on the ground. Truly "glamping", as they say, because it's the ultimate balance of roughin' it, while still getting to sleep in a super comfy bed with nine blankets (the nine blankets are definitely required, those nighttime temps are no joke in Montana). I was still high on that crisp mountain air, and begrudgingly getting back into my routine here as I sifted through thousands of pictures that seemed straight out of a movie. We kept saying to one another as the days flew by, are we on a green screen? This doesn't even seem real. The sky really is that big. 

We saw all sorts of wildlife, including a mama bear with her cub by the river. I got over my bear fear real fast when I realized how amazing it was to be so close to such a majestic creature (please note: stay 25 feet away from wild animals at all times, folks!). Bison became common and we were seeing them all over the place, nearly bumping into one as we hiked over a hill.

There's an adventurous spirit to the place; palpable as soon as you arrive. Montana, you stole my heart, and I can't wait to come back. *Click here to view more of my photos from the shoot