a Better Happier change of scenery

As a city dweller, have you ever had the conversation city vs. everywhere else that's not the city? Or, as a non-city dweller vice versa? The two of us have actively been making a pro/con list in our head for the past year. We have had a, I don't want to say love-hate relationship, but maybe more accurately a super into and super frustrated situation with our neighborhood. 

Our neighborhood has been, exactly that, ours for just under 4 years. The day I moved from Brooklyn and we started looking for a bigger place, it ended up being only one street over from Robert's studio apartment. A beautiful, white brick walled loft that won our hearts and was somehow affordable considering the area. Over the past 4 years, our little home has inspired Better Happier in countless ways. That white brick wall that won me over when I first looked at the place became the backdrop for the meals we created to share here. I've felt an unrealistic attachment to it, unrealistic because it is not truly ours, and all good things must come to an end.

As the construction has boomed in our area, our rose colored glasses for city living have faded. At least in this particular spot. Last summer our bright and beautiful bedroom window, where Daisy would sit for entire afternoons watching people walk by, was replaced with a plain white wall, and the vacant lot next to our building was filled with large and expensive condos. Our already skittish dog was made even more skittish by the constant construction noise of jack-hammering and workers yelling from quite literally every direction when you step out of our front door. The conversation began there after our space changed significantly, lingered in the air, got pushed to the back burner, and reappeared on an inconsistent basis. Neither of us have ever been on the exact same page about what our next move should be, and still aren't ready to commit to buying our own place, with both of us dragging our feet on where it makes the most sense to settle for the time being. 

Change is so exciting and simultaneously terrifying. We try to be practical, and I do say try because it's not always successful, and try to look at things from all the sides that we can. Robert is so very much the pragmatic voice of reason in our relationship. I've always been more of the- oh we need to move across the country tomorrow? Cool, I'll start packing. I'm certain this is frequently unsettling for him, whereas his decisions to me can feel snaillike at times. Well, we looked at it from all sides and here we are, unified in a choice to completely turn our routine upside down.

So, what exactly is turning this routine upside down? Well, there is an itty bitty carriage house a small hike from our bustling neighborhood, (tucked away but still in Philly) with our name all over it. Daisy's especially, because this little lady has been doing the apartment thing for quite long enough. I will miss my one big open room, inspiring shooting space, beautifully lit nest quite a lot, but I am very much looking forward to not having a giant window into our bedroom. I guess you could say we're trying this place and area on to see how it fits. Funnily enough, we're not really gaining that much more space. After four years of small living together, I'm actually super excited to start fresh in a new, small space now that I feel better equipped to work with them, not against them. Maximizing the functionality of our apartment has been a fun, frustrating and ultimately positive experience and I figure, why stop now? Since we're only renting, it's an exciting time to explore the area and see if we're ready to commit to being a little further out from the central part of Philly. 

Better Happier will likely be slow going as we transition into our new home. We won't be starting the process for a couple of weeks yet, but I'm feeling so energized about all of it! It is bittersweet, because I still love our place and neighborhood so much, but we are so ready for this next adventure, and beyond ready for a change of scenery. I'm eager to switch up the way we do things for Better Happier, talk about this new nesting process and ultimately, start fresh. Seems like the perfect time of year for that, doesn't it?

Cheers to new adventures.