crushing on: Commodity Goods

swoon worthy mix + match feminine + masculine scents

Last weekend I popped into Sephora on a hunt for a new fragrance on the more earthy, and masculine side of things. I have been loyal to my Chloé through and through for eight years, but for a long time now I've wanted something that smelled like Robert would wear it as easily as I would. 

That's a pretty tall order, which is why stumbling across the Commodity cocktail kit was cause for such excitement. Not just because I found what I wanted, but when have you ever walked into a Sephora, only purchased one thing and left without crying at the total dollar amount? Just me? Okay, well if the gorgeous packaging wasn't going to reel me in, it was the range of fragrance. With an encouragement to mix the scents, I was putting together book with tea, rain with moss, and mimosa with whiskey. Fragrance cocktail mixing might be as fun as actual cocktail mixing? Maybe that's a stretch. But seriously, I'm gaga for this stuff.

The deal was sealed this week when one of the stylists I worked with asked about the scent I was wearing, saying "I wondered if you had borrowed it from your husband." Mission accomplished. After sharing the love on Insta, the Commodity team sent me a travel spray of Moss, my current favorite. It's super earthy citrus smelling and easily mixed with the other scents in the kit. 

Cheers to smelling absolutely delightful and compliment-worthy, thank you Commodity