In My Closet: Stripes + Oxfords








A nod to one of my favorite iterations of girl meets boy, a dress with a pair of well worn oxfords. Spring is here and trying so hard to be warm. I broke this out when our temps were nearing 80 degrees, making the most of a beautiful weekend afternoon, throwing a ball around with Daisy and Robert at the tennis court. 

I am always leaning on denim, no matter the season, and have resolved to try to wear more dresses as the warm weather rolls in. It's nearly impossible for me to go full-fledged femme, hence pairing a low cut dress with my go-to oxfords and white baseball cap.

The pinstripes are a classic favorite, and I'd argue a cute bird dog is the best accessory of all. 


dress: Kimchi Blue | oxfords: NDC Made by Hand | hat: J. Crew (similar here) | bag: Vintage

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