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After a tumultuous week for us all, processing unexpected election results and taking the temperature of our country as a whole, it felt odd to go back to business as usual. With journal posts in the wings ready to go live, I felt awkward thinking about how to continue the usual lighthearted tone of Better Happier. Then I realized in the midst that next up in the queue was this post.

It's a post that Robert and I did for Daniel Wellington, something we had the most fun we've had in a long time working on together. As two photographers that are married, work together, collaborate, actually work for one another a lot of the time, it's truly a juggling act. Projects like this are a breath of fresh air, a creative dream to just get to play around with light and shapes and color, pairings and movement. I'm feeling quite grateful that we're able to work together in the creative industry as we do, are able to support one another, and most of all I'm grateful for the balance in our roles. As a woman it was a tricky week to navigate for many reasons, and I feel lucky to have the support of this guy while we collectively press on, and up. 

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The beauty of being a relatively similar size to your husband is you get to steal from his closet. Since I dress pretty boyish to begin with, whenever my closet is feeling bland I just hop over to his and feel newly inspired. 

I wish it worked as seamlessly for him in the reverse, because I am definitely the one who makes out in this particular situation. One thing that feels super interchangeable between us is accessories, particularly watches.  For his birthday a few years back I got him a gorgeous chronograph that I fell in love with, knew he would too, and had every intention of "borrowing" occasionally. But then he was so smitten with it, and wearing it every day I haven't had the heart to steal it the way I do his shirts and jackets. Rats.

When Daniel Wellington reached out to do a potential collaboration, I jumped at the chance for us to explore this whole unisex, gender neutral accessorizing by interchanging their perfectly classic styles. We swapped between their new Classic Black, and the Classic Sheffield. Both working seamlessly between us, meaning guilt free swaps are definitely happening.

Shop our favorite watches below

Classic Sheffield in All Black   |    Classic Sheffield in Black + White    |    Classic St. Andrews

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Classy Bristol    |   Classic Durham    |  Classic Gold + Black    


watches pictured c/o Daniel Wellington