my October Uniform

Fall, my closet's favorite season, came a little early this year. Our new neighborhood is so incredibly beautiful with these changing leaves, it's making everything look a little more picturesque. 

Maybe we all get so giddy and anxious to break out our autumn wardrobe because it's such a short window of time to wear this perfect amount of layers. Before we know it, blustery temperatures force us into puffy jackets and waterproof boots, so I'm taking full advantage of this blissful in between time. 

As a watch fiend, I feel naked if I leave the house without one on my wrist. Rosefield's classic, simple aesthetic had me hooked from the moment I poked around their site. The Gramercy in particular, seemed the perfect addition to my autumn uniform. 

watch c/o: Rosefield | varsity bomber: Gap (similar version) | jeans: MIH | oxfords: J. Crew