Smoked Salmon + Radish Tartine, with Shaved Egg and Radish Greens Cream Cheese

The first day of spring is in 17 days. Regardless of the snow fall that is on its way, I am beyond ready for springtime. This always happens. Without fail, it's the first few days of March and I have moved all of my coats out of sight and start planning for dresses. I know the ground is still frozen, and while I'm slipping all over the place on my walks with Daisy, I'm convincing myself it definitely feels a little warmer. 

There's a crispness to the air this time of year, that is definitely informing the food we want to make as the winter dissipates. Radishes don't need much dressing up, a little bit of salt and butter and you're good to go. Here, they add a necessary crunch and pepperiness to the tartine. If you've been tossing the radish greens when you use them, don't!  Adding the radish greens in the cream cheese is the best way to incorporate their strong flavor.

Smoked Salmon + Radish Tartine, with Shaved Egg and Radish Greens Cream Cheese
serves 2

1/2 baguette whole wheat (or hearty grain), sliced lengthwise
4 oz smoked salmon
2 radish bulbs, sliced thin, greens minced
1/4 cup whipped cream cheese
1 hardboiled egg, peeled
1 tsp butter
salt and pepper

In a small nonreactive bowl, fold minced radish greens into cream cheese and set aside. Dividing between the two slices, butter baguette and using a toaster oven, skilled, or in broiler, lightly toast bread until crunchy (about 3 minutes). 

Divide radish green cream cheese between two slices of bread, topping with smoked salmon and sliced radish. Using a grater gently grate egg over top of tartine, making sure to grate white and yolk. Season with salt and pepper.