Brine Street Picklery


This past weekend we did a shoot for my friends at Brine Street Picklery, and had such a fun time doing it I wanted to share some behind the scenes here. Food shoots in our loft, depending on what needs to be done are usually very low key, and Robert and I get particularly excited for projects like this. Especially since this time around we're working for friends who know a thing or two about pickling, seriously. Many, many zing beans were consumed during this photoshoot. 

One of my best friends Alex is a prop stylist in NYC and never misses the chance to come help me with a project, however big or small it is. I love having a fresh set of eyes on my massive prop collection, and also having someone around who can make a cheese board look that irresistible. 

prop styling | Alex Andrea Broderick              
food styling | Robert Luessen
kitchen assistant | Daisy Bird