Garden Engagement Party


I don't know even where to start. These pictures certainly speak for themselves, but i'll just say it again- our engagement party was magical. It felt a lot like that scene in Big Fish, when they're dancing in the grass with the string lights over top. The light is warm even though it's dark out and everyone looks surreal, bouncing with excitement. That was our evening. There was a steady stream of light rain for most of the evening, with everyone working to convince me it was moving past us and headed south. To my amazement it did pass, and while we avoided any real showers that little bit of rain made it all the more dreamy. My family is known for throwing great parties, but this was beyond that. Every detail was meticulously thought out, the menu was perfect, and the decorations gorgeous. The thought and care that went into this gathering had us overwhelmed, and smiling the entire night. 

Thank you family + friends for making our engagement feel so special.