a bit of a love story

photos by  Erin Yaeger

photos by Erin Yaeger

We leave for Paris today.

Robert surprised me with plane tickets on Christmas, just a couple of days after proposing. My heart nearly burst. Now that we're in the early stages of wedding planning (October 2015 seems far away but will sneak up in the blink of an eye) I've gotten nostalgic about our history.

Nearly six years ago, we met in photo school. I walked into my first college class- Materials and Processes of Photography, and that's when I first saw Robert, the TA for my section. I love to just leave it at that when people ask how we met. Did you meet in college? Yes, he was my TA. That response always manages to garner looks and questions. But in reality, it was a bit more of a winding road to land here in Philadelphia together, with a ring on my finger. After my initial heart flutters-over the top rom-com-reaction of "who is this guy" I just stared awkwardly at him for the entirety of that first class. I quickly realized he was an incredibly smart and high strung perfectionist with a hair tugging habit. I was infatuated. 

Then there was me. A mess of a first year, loud and bouncing off the walls and so uninterested in anything having to do with math, proving that opposites really do attract. As the year went on we spent a lot of those classes sending texts from across the room. Telling ourselves it wasn't obvious at all, when it was in fact blatantly obvious what we were up to. We were onto something, but timing and circumstance couldn't find a way to line up, and we spent his remaining college years as friends. I don't exaggerate when I say I always knew we would end up married. I knew from early on, and I knew that it would just take time. Our road to being a couple, in the most traditional sense of the word was a bit of a zigzag, with setbacks and roadblocks, and a little bit of heartbreak. We've learned over the years that relationships don't always happen in the order you think they should, and that is perfectly okay. 

It was just after the holidays a few years ago that timing, and circumstance had to take a back seat and we intervened, because when you know, you know. We decided it didn't matter that we were in different places, we were going to make it work, and that's exactly what we did. I came to see him in Philadelphia, we split half a grapefruit and it was a done deal. With such a big distance, we spent a lot of time apart. A year later I graduated early and moved to New York City. I didn't fall in love with it like I thought I would, and it didn't feel right not being in the same place. I've never had a sense of calm as when we got to Philly, together and ready to do this.  

Robert asked me to marry him a few days before Christmas, moments after arriving home from an out of town job, and just before we left our home to visit my family. Daisy knocked the ring out of his hand. It was perfect.

Now we're off on a little adventure for the next week, and there will be many photos and experiences to share when we get back. 


My ring is custom + handmade by Anna Vasquez, you can view her beautiful jewelry in her shop Nested Yellow