In My Closet: Found Jackets


Growing up in a place where Winter lasted half of the year gave me a serious appreciation for outerwear. If I have too much of something in my closet I'd say it's coats + jackets. Most of my favorites were found in thrift stores, which inspired this post. All of these were under 20 dollars and are now worth their weight in gold for the amount of use that they get. They were all found in the different places I've lived in the past few years. Home in Rochester, New York and Philly. I love when a piece of clothing reminds you of a place you've been. 

I found the forest green wool coat at a goodwill in Philly. It's actually some sort of military coat from Europe. I realized that because It still had a tag stapled to it when I came across it. Now I'm kicking myself for not saving it because I don't remember all of the details. 

The fur bomber was found randomly on eBay. I wasn't looking for anything in particular but I was intrigued by the weird photo on the listing. A woman was selling it for $5 and the description said something like "I'm selling this for so cheap because someone has got to pull it off, it's too bizarre and cool". The sleeves actually kinda drive me crazy but I deal with them. The coats worth it. 

It's exciting when a vintage piece has a Ladies Garment Worker Union tag on it. I was able to date the long grey coat to somewhere between 1955-1963, and it's one of the sturdiest coats I've ever seen. Even after years of being shuffled around or being forgotten in someones closet its in perfect condition.

I found the men's green army jacket while rummaging at Beacon's Closet in Manhattan, and is originally from Fab 208, where a lot of the vintage clothing is recycled + redesigned. 

My trusty Levi's men's jacket I got while thrifting a mile away from my college. There's a row of thrift stores right down the street that's a total goldmine for college kids to rummage through and find oversized flannels and weird granny shirts we'd likely regret wearing later. Or not. I mean, I still have a few. But anyways, one of the stores was going out of business and had everything on the racks marked down like crazy. The Levi's jacket was the first and only thing I found. It was three dollars. 

*other clothing in the post
Grey Tee from Zara
Printed Pants from Urban Outfitters
Chambray Button Down from by CPO from Urban Outfitters
Black Slip Dress from Zara
Oxfords by N.D.C. Made By Hand