the light in here is about to change


I'm busy packing for our trip to the Outer Banks and it dawned on me... I've been in Philly for a year, and it has been really really wonderful. Our one big vacation of the year has now become a precursor to big changes. Last year, as soon as we returned from that beautiful ocean, I packed up my apartment in Brooklyn and moved to Philly. This year, we're cutting the trip a little short to go meet the newest member of our family, which is probably the best reason I can think of to leave the beach early.

Over the last year, this space that we collaborate in has grown and become what I think we originally imagined it to be. Working on recipes to share and experimenting all in the name of good food. Not taking ourselves too seriously, but also having a certain level of pride in what we pour so much of our time and energy into. We've fallen into a rhythm with Better Happier, and it's only getting more fun the more we work on it. 


There's a fine line between a space being practical, and pretty. I still don't know how we managed to get so lucky with a place that is both.  It really shaped the way I shoot, I mean that white brick wall just kills me... It just says, hey I'm here let me do all the work for you. I'm so spoiled in here. 

When the seasons changed the light changed as well. We moved in while the trees were sparse, making everything look bright, white and all around dreamy.  As we moved out of the cold months and the trees got all full and beautiful again, it really felt like living in a tree house.  The light was dappled, warm, and rather difficult to work with. At first I worked against it, paying close attention and finally finding a two hour time slot when it would look as it had in the earlier months. But where's the truth and beauty in that? I finally learned to work with it rather than against it, and it was lovely to watch the space evolve through the months, same as the food and the same as us.

I'm getting anxious for cooler weather. Not just because I finally get to take my jackets out of hiding, or because shooting in here will be back to easy peezy. I feel a little bit more inspired, a bit more alive this half of the year. I bet I can thank growing up with six month long winters (and loving them) for that. I'm thankful that we've been constantly busy with new projects and feel ready more than ever to dive head first into it all, but right now at this very moment... I'm ready for vacation.

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