Meeting Daisy


Last week we returned from the Outer Banks, driving straight to Harrisburg to pick up and meet our new pup. 

Daisy is a little bird dog, an Ibizan/fox hound mix that came all the way from Jackson, Tennessee. She has the softest fur, and big old paws that look like they don't quite belong to her. She was abandoned and picked up by a high kill shelter with some questionable practices. Luckily for all of us, a wonderful foster mom found her there and just couldn't leave her behind. We then found her through S.T.A.T., a truly incredible rescue. If you can get behind the idea of adopting a rescue pup from the South before you meet them, this is worth looking into.



She's been through a lot this one, and it's been a long week for us all as we figure out how to best get her acclimated to her new life with us. Philly is a big adjustment, and there are some things that didn't occur to us in no particular order about this little baby... 

Like stairs, for starters. Stairs are the weirdest thing. You live on the second floor? You work on the second floor? Why? What are these even?

Leashes prevent me from sniffing all of the things, and I would really, really love... to sniff all of the things. 


Philly is loud. Between the general city hubbub, the buses, cars idling, honking, and constant activity she's been super curious and rather worried about everything going on around her.

But in just a week the leash has become less awkward, the stairs a little less daunting and the city noise easier to listen to. 

Her ears have started to relax while the windows are open, even if the busses honk or a motorcycle is revving over and over, and the moment she realized it was safe to pee outdoors I jumped up and down on on the inside. That might be another one to add to the list of things that didn't occur to me... my sheer level of joy for her potty discoveries. 

The morning after our first, very long night with her we sat outside at a local coffee shop. Sat might be an exaggeration actually. We sat, Daisy sniffed, and tried to chase after some birds and sniffed some more. Everyone who passed or who happened to be sitting nearby took a minute to say how sweet she was, and it's so true. She's a gentle soul.

I love watching her personality come out the more she gets into a groove with us. Bit by bit the skittish pup is fading away. I find myself wondering who would ever have the heart to give her up, but I'm so grateful we found her.