Philly Food Love: the Bar Next Door

Philly is a food town.

Before I lived here and was just visiting on the weekends, eating out was always a given.  When you're doing long distance and have no real routine, you create small ones even if they're unintentional.  Fridays usually involved a mission to find good pizza, and Saturdays were for brunch. Whenever someone asks Robert and I, why do you like living in Philly?  Our first answer is always "the food".  In New York I had a lot of crappy food, a lot of incredible food, and I also spent a lot of money on food.   

For every great meal there was a bad one.  I learned what I liked, what wasn't worth the money, and gained a whole new appreciation for standard bar fare done well. My favorite places to go in Brooklyn ended up being in Ditmas Park.  It wasn't on a lot of people's radar, this haven of hidden restaurants that were just one subway stop away from me.  The Ox Cart Tavern was the first restaurant I went to when I moved and remained my favorite until I left.  It always felt like it belonged in Philly, nestled among houses in a little neighborhood.  The fish and chips had me at the pickled carrot slices served on the side, it really doesn't take much to make me happy.  It's the little things.


The Abbaye is our go-to bar in Northern Liberties, my Ox Cart of Philly.  The food is incredible and inexpensive.  It's three doors down on the corner of our street, a dangerous location to say the least; the kind of place you stop in for a beer and stay for dinner.  We're slowly making our way through the whole menu, although I can't help but repeatedly order the vegan meatball sandwich (you don't have to be vegan for this one, trust me). Go during a beer event, where $10 gets you a pint glass with refills from the featured brewery for 2 hours.  Or for brunch, because it doesn't get much better than a $4 mimosa.