Longwood Gardens, you're beautiful


I finally had a minute to scan some of the photos from our recent afternoon at Longwood Gardens.  It was my first visit and it was absolutely beautiful.  The weather ended up being a bit chillier than we had anticipated, I'm hoping we'll go again now that it's warm. 
Whenever I spend an entire night scanning, and sifting through the photos I haven't seen yet it reinforces how attached I am to my process with film.  I've danced back and forth between film and digital, trying to use cost as a justification to just stick with my Mark II and ween myself off of film.  I was shooting a Mother Daughter portrait sometime last year and attempted to shoot digital and use a film filter over it.  The results were strange to say the least.  It felt awkward and it felt incredibly forced and I just had to laugh.  Luckily, I didn't trust myself to completely pull off the transition.  I shot one roll just in case, and the results were exactly what I had planned on.  It's the dichotomy that really gets me, because I'm the first to pull out my iPhone to take a photo and without my digital cameras Better Happier would be a very different blog. I love that ability to share instantaneously, but I also love waiting for my film and spending a good amount of time working and reworking it all.  I don't know when, how, or if there needs to be a transition, but I do know that nothing feels as good as shooting film.  

These were shot with my mom's old pentax, the camera she used in the 70's.  It was the first camera I used in my first photo class, a piece of my history that is so dear to me.  There's a quality in the pictures that can't be mimicked no matter how I try.  I really am a hopeless romantic for this camera.