In My Closet: Mandi's Favorites


Working in fashion has exposed me to a lot of amazing people with impeccable style. 

The first lady I thought of when I started doing the In My Closet series was Mandi. Her easy boy meets girl style is evident in pretty much everything she wears, and I love that there's a story behind all of her staple pieces. I'm gonna let Mandi take it from here...


So talk to me about these bands tees
Ahhh yes my favorite part of my closet, collecting vintage band tees is a huge hobby for me. M boyfriend has thousands if records so this is where I thrive! The Cure tee was given to me buy a friend, it's my favorite as far as fit and wash go! It's so old, it's perfect. My Ozzy tee is one I geek over bc I am a huge Ozzy/Sabbath fan, I bought this one in Tokyo, the land of vintage band tees!

What do you think is the biggest inspiration behind your clothes?
For sure, music. Music is a huge part of my life, I think I've had a phase with every genre of music, but punk and rock n roll are my roots if you haven't already noticed. Living in Austin so long, going to shows in Dallas punk clubs as a teen and through out college, being a part of both music scenes in these cities gave me life!  But high fashion is a huge influence for how I style myself. As a stylist I am always studying current runway shows and I tend to obsess over them and rearrange my closet!! 

You get to travel a good amount. What the most inspiring place you've been to recently?
Tokyo for sure. Sooooo much amazing vintage and the people who live there are such risk takers when it comes to fashion it's truly inspiring. 

I say Isabel Marant you say _______?
FLAWLESS -insert Beyonce voice-

I bet there's a story behind that beautiful necklace...
Yesssss this is by Pamela Love, I'm obsessed with her collections and my boyfriend gave this to me for my birthday. I wear it everyday. I don't wear a lot of accessories, only ones that are sentimental to me and simple.

Last but not least! Your favorite breakfast of all time
Anyone who knows me knows I am a HUGE breakfast fan. I love all breakfast, I will never get tired of a classic breakfast; potatoes, eggs, bacon, and toast!