In My Closet: the Staples


It has been quite a year, and this space of ours has been incredibly rewarding through all of it. There's been a lot of excitement over the past week, and we're both still winding down from the holiday time we had with family and friends. 

Exploring closets has been on my list of things to do for a while now, and I figure why not start now? In light of the fresh start that comes with January 1st, it's time to delve into the other half of what's consumes my time and energy when I'm not making a mess in the kitchen. I've been working in the FP photo studio in Philly for a bit over a year now. It's been quite the dichotomy between food and fashion. It's the best of both worlds for me, as I'm part of the photo team on set but also working on recipes for the Bldg 25 blog. It's inspired me to start a new feature on Better Happier called "In My Closet".  I'll be peaking into friends closets, sharing some of my outfit inspiration and whatever else seems appropriate. I'm excited to add this element and hope it'll develop organically once I start plugging away on other content.

I've started simple, with a look at my own closet. I was slowly eyeing my clothing rack for this... thumbing through the button downs and oversized everything when I realized it wasn't until this past year that I've settled on what I feel good and comfortable in all the time. I picked a range of favorites for this post. Everything here spans from super old to super new (I got that baseball hat from my sister for Christmas and have worn it almost every day since). The staples that I've acquired are basic, easy to mix, and heavy on pieces borrowed from the boys. Denim has always been the trickiest one, and I'm happy to say I've been living in these Won Hundred jeans for the past year with zero complaints. I'm avid when it comes to thrifting, and have found that scoring good quality clothing for a bargain is one of my favorite things. I've noted below which items are thrifted. I'm also incredibly picky, and since I thrive on clothes that are really easy to wear and mix, it has to be perfect or it will collect dust in the back of my closet from day one. Pictured above are some of my current favorite and well worn pieces. 

High Waisted "Brigitte" Jeans from Won Hundred
White Tee from a Fine Line
Dark Skinny Jeans from Denim & Supply
Mens Cable Knit Sweater from Bellfield
*Blue Boys Oxford from Brooks Brothers
*Vintage Red Flannel from Eddie Bauer
"Tomboy Workshirt" from Madewell
*Longsleeve Striped Tee from Philosophy
Oxfords from Frye
Wool Baseball Cap from J. Crew