our nest on 3rd Street


It hasn't been that long since I decided to move from New York City to Philadelphia to start a new life.  I left for a life that felt like it might closer resemble the picture I had in my head.  Over the period of some months, maybe a few days, or more likely it just suddenly hit me that creating a home was important.


I left college early during my senior year to pursue a job in the photo department of Martha Stewart's Whole Living magazine. It was the best decision I could have made.  Moving to New York City from upstate, and I mean the real upstate...where it snows and sleets and ices over for 5 months of the year, was incredible. I was far from home and from my family that had surrounded me for my entire life. I was out there doing something that was exciting for us all to share.  It also made me realize I had a big gaping hole in my heart.  I was in Brooklyn, and lucky enough to be living with a close friend who was just as jaunted by the experience as I was. Every day was a mix of awe and frustration.  I was excited by the constant movement, and found myself intrigued by everyone I was seeing.  I would make up scenarios in my head about the lives of strangers, the countless amount of them all around me.   


Robert was in Philadelphia, where he had been since graduating from photography school. The novelty of a three hour train trip verses a previous 6 hour drive wore off quickly, and we both knew why. It's one of those things, the conversation that you have with yourself over and over again. I battled myself on the daily, presenting myself with this invisible chart that showed why staying in New York would be beneficial to my career goals and why living apart from the person I love was worth all of it. 


When he came to Brooklyn the weekend before my new job in Philly started, we rushed to pack as much of my stuff as possible, brought it back to his tiny studio apartment, and I finally felt calm.  I sat down with no need for justifications or explanations, I just said to myself yes, this is good...this is home.  Three weeks later we stumbled upon this quirky little nest of an apartment,  only a street away from where we were.  We both knew it was perfect, and it would be our home for now.


Little by little this place has been inspiring us.  It's evolving every day- the more we move about the more it changes.  I love the process of settling into a space, and all of the little details that come along with that.