Better Happier is the online visual lifestyle journal of photographer Jillian Guyette - hey that's me! It's great to meet you.

I created this journal back in 2012 as a natural outlet for me to work on personal projects that inspire me. It’s grown and evolved a lot since the early days!

Over the years I’ve navigated recipe development, hosting gatherings, and executing photoshoots with brands I love and admire. Just as naturally as that came about, Better Happier has continued to evolve into a space where I come to share style stories and content that peaks my interest.

I’m all about curating the tiny details that turn a house into a home, natural beauty, healthy cooking, ethical style, and featuring women-owned companies, and inspiring people I’ve met and worked with. Want to say hello? I’d love to hear from you! Use the contact form to get in touch.

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affiliate link disclosure

Better Happier uses affiliate links in certain posts when showing where to buy something specifically
mentioned, or inspiration from the post. I may earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you) should you
choose to purchase from the links I’ve provided.

Thank you so much for reading & supporting Better Happier!


Can I hire you?

Absolutely! I work for a handful of brands that I align with stylistically on a monthly, quarterly, whenever-they-need-me basis for content creation, style stories, branding imagery development and general photography. I also collaborate with brands in this space for home style, home renovation, personal style, and food stories. Feel free to get in touch to find out more!

how do you handle sponsored content?

Sponsored content is handled on a project by project basis. I really, sincerely enjoy working with different brands that we align with, and if it's not something we would genuinely use, cook with, wear, etc, then you won't see it here. While I kept my distance from sponsored content for a long time in this space, now that I've figured out how it works best for me, I don't have the attitude that it's detrimental. I actually feel quite the opposite. It helps me stay creatively challenged and allows me to spend the necessary time that I want to on certain posts for the journal. I frequently turn down collaboration proposals, meaning the ones that you see on Better Happier are brands that I stand behind and enjoy working with. 

what’s the name all about?

I get that a lot. It's from my favorite Frank O'Hara poem "Having a coke with you". It’s a line that always stuck out, and felt incredibly romantic in a funny way. “Better Happier” naturally became the shortened version, which feels truly perfect.