Better Happier is the online visual lifestyle journal of professional photographer Jillian Guyette - hey that's me! It's great to meet you.

As I was at the very beginning of my career as a photographer, a path that has led everywhere from living in New York City and working at Martha Stewart, to moving to Philly and being a full time photographer at Free People for five years, to working on image rebrands for major companies, (with all sorts of projects in between) I created this journal as a natural outlet for me to work on personal projects and collaborate alongside my husband Robert. Over the years we've navigated recipe development, hosting modern gatherings, and executing photoshoots with brands we love and admire. Just as naturally as that came about, Better Happier has continued to evolve into a space where I come to share just about anything and everything that peaks my interest.

Most recently, after 5 years in Philadelphia we made the jump across the bridge with our bird dog Daisy, and are currently renovating a tiny house in South Jersey. You can see our home renovation progress here. For more information / inquiries / or just to say hi, use the contact form below. I'd love to hear from you! 

PS Curious about the name? I get that a lot. It's a line from my favorite Frank O'Hara poem "Having a coke with you". 


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so who does the cooking here for these recipe posts? 

98% of the time that's my husband, Robert! He's an avid home cook and wine connoisseur. I always tell him he belongs on the next season of Master Chef. I have a feeling at some point he'll work somewhere in the food + beverage industry but he doesn't quite agree yet. Time will tell.

I handle all of the baking, which has changed a lot since I went Gluten-Free almost 2 years ago. 

how do you handle sponsored content?

Sponsored content is handled on a project by project basis. I really, sincerely enjoy working with different brands that we align with, and if it's not something we would genuinely use, cook with, wear, etc, then you won't see it here. While I kept my distance from sponsored content for a long time in this space, now that I've figured out how it works best for me, I don't have the attitude that it's detrimental. I actually feel quite the opposite. It helps me stay creatively challenged and allows me to spend the necessary time that I want to on certain posts for the journal.  I turn down all sorts of offers, and the ones that you see on Better Happier are brands that I stand behind and enjoy working with. 

what camera do you use / do you use presets?

I get a lot of emails lately about using presets, and which cameras I use. I shoot everything for ABHSS, and my other work with a Canon 5D Mark IV, and more recently I've added a Fuji x series that I'm in love with. I'm not hip to the preset thing, so I obviously don't use them for my work, although! I have a similar series of editing that I tend to do in photoshop- so maybe that's an old school version of a preset?