a Better Happier St. Sebastian is an ever-evolving online journal exploring food, lifestyle and travel.

As a photographer, it proved early on to be the perfect outlet for me to work on personal projects and collaborate alongside my husband Robert. 

I started Better Happier in the summer of 2012 as a journal for our culinary adventures together. He cooked, I photographed, and before we knew it we were churning out dozens of recipes inspired by the seasons and whatever peaked our interest. With a focus on good quality ingredients, making the most of what's readily available, delicious cocktails, and bringing people together over a meal, we've learned a lot about the home we wanted to create, and the experiences we wanted to share. 

Better Happier has since become a way for me to share snippets of life as a photographer, and the projects I'm most passionate about. 

We're currently based in Philadelphia with our rescue pup Daisy. For more information or inquiries you can contact us here, or to view my photography portfolio visit jillianguyette.com.

All things related to image & content use
I'm so happy you like what you see! Please ask before posting any photographs or content elsewhere. Even if you've provided a linkback, it's good practice to ask before using. Please be mindful of this request. All images on a Better Happier St. Sebastian are copyright of Jillian Guyette or Robert Luessen unless otherwise noted. 

Where did the name of the blog come from?
Better Happier is named after a line from my favorite Frank O'Hara poem "Having a Coke with You" you can watch a video of him reading it here.

Where do you work? 
I'm a professional photographer, and Robert is a photography producer.

Are you available for collaborations or projects? 
Absolutely. You can send us an email here and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Do you do sponsored posts?
We keep sponsored posts to a minimum, and anything sponsored is always clearly stated. We're always open and excited to explore new opportunities, but are selective about the brands and products that we choose to endorse or promote in this space.